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There is tremendous global movement in blockchain! But what is real about blockchain? What is hype? What are its challenges and risks? And perhaps most importantly: what will the tipping point be for mass adoption and mainstream acceptance? In this podcast, John Markunas from the Power Of Chain discusses the many misconceptions and misinformation with respect to blockchain, tokenization, and cryptocurrency, as well as the value proposition blockchain promises in the area of real estate and the financial world. Most people still don’t know a lot about blockchain, but you will certainly walk away from this podcast with a better understanding of what blockchain really is!

Listen to “Blockchain: You Can’t Handle the Truth!” on Spreaker.

There’s nothing more important than education for understanding just how impactful blockchain is, and will be in the future. As Mr. Markunas states in the podcast, just in real estate alone, blockchain technology can be seen being used in land registry at county recorders offices, as the backbone in several real estate transactions, and most of all through the process of tokenization, where real estate investments can actually be fractionalized and thereby made liquid. This is currently unheard of in the commercial and investment real estate world, but it’s here… and it’s growing… and you’ll probably be seeing it yourself in the near future if you haven’t done so already. Some call it the Tokenization Nation!

Then there’s the confusing topics of bitcoin, smart contracts, and how cryptocurrencies relate to blockchain in general. When you listen to the podcast, these topics will become clearer to you as well. Many companies are already accepting forms of crypto for payment for goods and services. How does that work? What are the regulatory and legal issues involved? And why is the development of secondary markets so important to blockchain’s future success as financial instruments? You will get those answers too!

It’ human nature – people are afraid of the unknown. That is why it’s important to continue to get educated with regards to blockchain. There are many organizations that Mr. Markunas is involved with including the Government Blockchain Association , the Foundation for International Blockchain and Real Estate Expertise, and the International Association for Trusted Blockchain Applications. You can also contact John with any questions or comments you may have on the subject by email here or by visiting his LinkedIn page as well.

ABOUT OUR GUEST: John Markunas

John MarkunasJohn Dean Markunas is a real estate industry blockchain advisor and business development consultant. He is the Principal Consultant with Power of Chain Global Consultancy LLC, a blockchain advisory firm.

Mr. Markunas’s work covers several distinct real estate sectors; property title insurance, real estate transactions, real estate tokenization along with a special focus on global land registry systems and land governance.

He has over 30 years of commercial real estate experience including marketing and sales, real estate development, brokerage, appraising, and title insurance focusing on the U.S. and Latin American markets. Outside of the U.S. he has lived and worked in Mexico and Brazil. While in Brazil, John became a licensed real estate broker and appraiser.

John is an enthusiastic advocate and supporter of blockchain technologies. He is an active member of the following blockchain organizations:

  • Government Blockchain Association (GBA)
    Non-profit based in Washington, D.C.
    Leader of GBA’s Land Titling Working Group
    GBA Certified Training Instructor
  • Foundation for International Blockchain Real Estate Expertise (FIBREE)
    Non-profit based in The Netherlands.
    Board Director & Chair of FIBREE Miami Chapter
  • International Association of Trusted Blockchain Applications (INATBA)
    Non-profit based in Brussels, Belgium.
    Chair of the Real Estate Land Registry Sub-Working Group.

John is a prominent global public speaker on blockchain use in the real estate industry, author of several articles covering a variety of topics on blockchain and its impact on real estate industry processes. Articles authored by John include:

  • The Impact of Blockchain Technology on the Surveying Industry, Cadastre and Land Registry Systems
  • Climate Change vs. Land Governance, Land Tenure Handling Pressures: Upholding Rights with Blockchain Technology
  • Blockchain & Government – Exploring the Potential and Building Trust

Mr. Markunas has a BS degree in Business Administration from Florida State University. He also holds an MBA in Finance and Marketing from the University of San Francisco, State of California. He is fluent in Spanish and Portuguese.

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