CEO Brendon Lundberg Explains How Radiant Pain Relief Centres is Disrupting the Medical Industry with Regulation A+ Crowdfunding

Who has pain? We all do. Pain is the single most common denominator of just about everyone on the planet, and unfortunately many suffer from pain that is chronic. Just like Uber disrupted transportation and AirBNB disrupted real estate, Radiant Pain Relief Centers is the latest example of a company seeing to utilize Regulation A+ crowdfunding to disrupt the way chronic pain is understood and treated. Listen to this podcast episode where Radiant Pain Relief CEO Brendon Lundberg joined guest co-host Ron Sukenick from Simply Go Public and explained his vision for the future of chronic pain management, his plans for company growth, and how investors can get involved with the Regulation A+ crowdfunding offering that’s currently taking reservations for investment.

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The problem with traditional financing sources is that many will not lend on “disruption”. As Mr. Lundberg explains in this podcast, Radiant Pain Relief had to turn to crowdfunding as an alternative means of raising capital, as the process is not as easy as it looks on Shark Tank! And with their vision of growth (and investor dividends) Regulation A+ crowdfunding certainly makes sense – as long as you market to the correct audience! That’s one of the reasons many issuers turn to knowledgeable crowdfunding resources to get started. In Radiant Relief Centres case, they use no needles and no drugs to treat chronic pain. Now that’s cutting edge technology investors can get behind! You can view the pitchdeck for the Radiant Relief Centres crowdfunding investment on Manhattan Street Capital. Or get more information on Radiant Relief here – and don’t forget to download Brendon’s book on Amazon.

ABOUT OUR GUEST: P. Brendon Lundberg

P. Brendon Lundberg, a previous chronic pain suffer, co-founded Radiant Pain Relief Centres, along with David Farley, MD, a Harvard-MIT trained physician, with a vision to build the safest, most consistently effective and appealing solution to the epidemic of chronic pain.

Combining a mission to change the way chronic pain is understood treated with deep experience in healthcare management, marketing, business development and sales, Brendon and Dr. David Farley opened Radiant Pain Relief Centres in Portland, Oregon, USA, in February 2014. Following the success of the first center, they are laying out a plan for expansion to open new centers in new markets nationally and internationally.

Their story and vision for the future of pain management can be understood by reading their Amazon Bestselling book, Radiant Relief – A Case For A Better Solution To Chronic Pain. Inc. Magazine called the book, “A Manifesto” and “an epic example of how to create a movement”.

Previous to founding Radiant, Brendon played key operational and business development roles for two Portland-Area Portland Business Journal and Inc. Magazine Growth Award winning companies, and was the Director of Sales and Marketing for another Portland-based medical device start-up. Brendon holds a BS in business marketing and an MBA.

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