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Crowdfunding applies to just about every industry, including the booming cannabis market. In this episode, we interviewed Canovis Health CEO Kathy Roberton and got her insights on how she’s creating the crowd for her CBD company and how’s she’s building a team for success that’s turning her customers into potential investors. After all, that’s what crowdfunding is all about.

Kathy’s story proves once again that you have to build your crowd first before you build your funding. And by offering a dividend, Canovis Health is trying to safeguard their investors in a way few crowdfunding offerings provide. Listen to this podcast episode to learn how she’s making this all happen! And then get crowdfunding yourself and start reaping rewards similar to what Kathy’s company is in the process of doing.

Listen to “Crowdfunding Essentials: How CBD Company Canovis Health Created Their Crowd” on Spreaker.

ABOUT OUR GUEST: Kathy Roberton

Kathy is a top level professional with in-depth senior management experience in restaurants, technology development, product branding, rollout and distribution, graphics and public companies. She has a proven track record throughout each sector including company turnarounds, mergers and acquisitions, contract negotiations, hiring, training, team building, reorganizations and liquidations. Kathy is also a keynote public speaker and trainer, and her personal traits include being a visionary, servant leader, trusted mentor and motivator extraordinaire. She is the CEO of Canovis Health™, Inc. which formulates products that relieve pain, promote health, cure disease and do no harm. They seek to provide substantial profits for their crowdfunding investors.

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