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Think back in your past: who was your best boss? Why not become that person in your everyday business dealings with your employees? It probably starts with empathy. Listen to this podcast where Thomas Cox, the founder of Becoming A Best Boss talks about why empathy is so important to an organization’s overall success and gives some tips on how you can foster this powerful trait in your everyday life. When companies create empathy, they create happy workers, and happy workers create strong companies. And strong companies become investable companies. So if you’re seeking to raise money via crowdfunding, NOW you know why empathy is so important!

Listen to “Empathy is an Indispensable Trait in Becoming a “Best Boss”” on Spreaker.

All you have to do is check the many online investment portals highlighting Reg.A, 506c, syndication projects, etc. to understand that there are many companies who have entered the realm of crowdfunding to raise the capital they need for a variety of purposes. They all have offering documents, disclosures, financials, projections, and just about all the information an investor needs to know to make a prudent investment decision. Except for one thing: they never mention anything about how they view “empathy”. Yet, as Mr. Cox mentions numerous times on the podcast, it’s one of the biggest indicators of company success and/or failure. So what does it mean to be a spectacular leader? You are about to find out.

“Eudae” is short for “Eudaemonia” which is the state of well-being that comes from actualizing your full human potential. Eudae LLC is a training, coaching and consulting firm dedicated to facilitating ordinary people to tap into and actualize their extraordinary human potential. Each of their brands serves this mission in a unique way. This organizational development consultancy facilitates employers that aspire to create a company as a “Best Place to Work” and undergoes the transformations necessary to achieve that goal. “Becoming a Best Boss” is a training and coaching system that transforms ordinary business people into extraordinary leaders and managers, able to lead their teams to deliver outstanding results.

In this podcast, learn the 5 key skills and tasks needed to make this happen? All of which involve the use of great empathy. Hint: think ALICE, and not the Jackie Gleason Alice from the Honeymooners! The “A” in the acronym stands for “Asking questions”. You’ll have to listen to the podcast for the rest! Regardless, you’re sure to have questions on this, so Thomas can be contacted by email at or you can visit his website at for more information. And always remember: Empathy creates strong, investable companies. Hmmmm….


Thomas CoxThomas Cox is Director of Becoming a Best Boss Training and Coaching. He has spent over three years working on issues of blockchain governance. Mr. Cox was an invitee to the Wharton Crypto Governance Workshop (July 2019) and serves on the IEEE Blockchain Standards committee. He worked previously for, IBM, PwC, and Oracle Corp.

One of the first certified Oracle DBAs, Mr. Cox is the author of the Low Administration Oracle Specification, the Oracle DBA Checklist, the DBA Maturity Model, and many other white papers and articles, and of The Oracle Workgroup Server Handbook.

He ran for Governor of the state of Oregon in 2002. Mr. Cox holds a BA in Behavioral Sciences from the University of Chicago.

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