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Who doesn’t like a great investment? But how many of these investments actually combine traditional venture capital financing tools with philanthropic principles to achieve social impact? That’s the goal of Philanthro Investors – and they do it in four main ways. For a quick introduction, view the video below:

With secure, meaningful and profitable investments in water, housing, health, and the environment, Philanthro Investors is the vehicle that allows you change people’s lives for the better while earning a financial return. Listen to the podcast with Philanthro Investors CEO Skye Logan here first:

Listen to “When Crowdfunding Meets Philanthropy” on Spreaker.

… then learn more about each opportunity by listening to the list of podcasts we’ve done on each topic below:


With banks failing left and right and the stock market crashing, what’s an investor to do? Perhaps acting as your own bank may be an interesting and unique way of investing in passive real estate in a philanthropic manner? In this podcast, company CEO Jaime Gomez from “Equity and Help” explains how his company is allowing you to do just that – and keeping families in their homes in the process as well.
Listen to “Equity and Help: Philanthropy and Real Estate Investing” on Spreaker.


In our last podcast, we highlighted the Regulation A crowdfunding process from a theoretical basis. On this podcast, OriginClear’s CEO Riggs Eckelberry explains how his company is actually using Reg.A for real with his “water on demand” opportunity. Learn how his company is making water an investable asset! … and how his company just went live with their new offering!
Listen to “”Water On Demand” : A Regulation A+ Crowdfunding Example” on Spreaker.


Plastics are everywhere. And because of that, most people don’t place a value on it, and therefore, it becomes litter. But would you litter with gold? In this podcast, Eric Schaffner, the CEO and Co-founder of ZeLoop, explains how he is using blockchain technology and tokenization to provide value to one of the world’s biggest issue: creating an impact that protects the planet!
Listen to “Plastics, Litter… and Blockchain?” on Spreaker.


Everyone knows how much gas they have in their car, or how much money they have in the bank. But few know exactly what chronic or terminal diseases they may be predisposed to regarding their health. That’s about to change with “Predictive Health”! In this podcast, David Quinney – the Co-founder of FHIOS Health – explains the origin of his company, how the entire process works in detail, how his platform combines the best in predictive disease screening and analysis, and the investment opportunity for investors into his deal – all with the goal being to keep you out of the costly medical industry process as long as possible.
Listen to “Screen and Prevent Disases with “Predictive Health” Technology” on Spreaker.

DO NOT WAIT ANOTHER MINUTE! Get started right now by requesting more information on any (or all) of the investment opportunities above that Philanthro Investors is bringing to investors who really want to make a difference in the world, all while achieving their financial goals in a safe and rewarding fashion! 


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