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Everyone wants to be healthy. And everyone needs water to stay healthy. So how does water and health relate to crowdfunding? (… and philanthropy for that matter?) In addition to his comprehensive preventative medical health project, in this podcast, Ivan Anz, the Founder of PhilanthroInvestors, explains everything you need to know in order to become a crowdfunding “waterpreneur” with details on how you can take advantage of the explosive philanthropic, environmental, and financial growth of the decentralized water industry.

Listen to “Health, Water, and Crowdfunding” on Spreaker.

Is water the new gold? Well, there’s no question that access to clean water is the most pressing infrastructure problem in the world today! As he mentions on the podcast, Mr. Anz’s OriginClear® is developing advanced water systems that are revolutionizing communities around the world and creating major excitement in the crowdfunding investment world.

And that’s just one aspect of what his PhilanthroInvestors company is doing! They’ve also announced a phenomenal disease detection technology that addresses the subject of healthcare on a preventive basis with just a swab test you can take at home! Everything and all details about this opportunity are explained in the podcast as well.

So definitely listen to this podcast. Then, if you’re interested in what you hear, register here for an interactive briefing with company CEO Riggs Eckelberry. Or you can contact Vendy Rios for a discovery call to get more information on how to get involved, either as an investor or on a partner basis and find out why Ivan says “WATER IS THE NEW GOLD” with OriginClear®.

And don’t forget to get Ivan’s best-selling book Housing PhilanthroInvesting: Invest with a Purpose on You may even want to listen to his podcast the last time he appeared on the Mapable USA podcast. You can learn more about Ivan at his website at as well.


Ivan AnzIvan Anz is an Inc. 500 International Serial Entrepreneur with businesses in more than 10 countries. Amongst them is PhilanthroInvestors, Inc., a licensing and advisory firm he founded in 2019 to combine traditional venture capital financing with philanthropic principles. PI is dedicated to achieving social impact while returning profits for its Philanthroinvestors®. Ivan’s zeal to “PhilanthroInvest” drove his 2014 creation of Equity & Help®, a turn-key social-impact housing investment program resulting in recognition in the Inc. 500 for three years in a row: in 2019 at #128 in the nation, rising to #83 in 2020; and in 2020 ranking #3 in Florida, with a 3-year growth of 3,920%.

His entrepreneurship emerged at age 7 when he leased his go-kart to his friends and neighbors while selling them candy. That ironically set the stage for his success in the auto dealership and financing business, where at age 23, he grew his small family business into the #1 car dealership group of his native state in Argentina. The company went on to claim the Toyota Best Business Practices awards for the entire Latin America and Caribbean.

While owning car dealerships was profitable, Mr. Anz was eager to improve the community and saw real estate development as a direct route to do so. To start, he built one of the most prestigious residential neighborhoods in his native Argentinian state. Even then, the Philanthroinvestor® concept lit the way, establishing his intent to empower families to secure the lives they want without excessive financial burden.

Mr. Anz has since moved to the United States and focused his real estate endeavors on making homeownership possible for US families that would otherwise be lifelong renters. He and his team do so while turning exceptional profits for their Housing Philanthroinvestors®, the first Philanthroinvestors, Inc.-licensed firm.

Mr. Anz is intent on doing in other 10 industries in need of improvement what he has proven can be done in real estate: Do good by doing well, using remarkably effective methods. Driven by the need for pivotal action towards saving Earth’s water, Ivan Anz joined OriginClear’s Board of Advisors to attract high net worth attention to the company’s exceptional technology and vision, and to help clear the way to NASDAQ listing. In September 2020, Philanthroinvestors, Inc. and OriginClear, Inc. signed a strategic agreement granting a license to the Philanthroinvestor® brand and know-how that landed Mr. Anz’ first Philanthroinvesting® firm, Equity & Help, in the Inc. 500 for 3 years in a row.

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