How Juva Life Created Their Own Roadmap To Access Capital Markets Via Regulation A

When issuers think of crowdfunding with Regulation A, many of them dream of eventually going public with a listing on the capital markets as their ultimate goal. However, when they see how many hoops that they need to jump through through the entire process, it may seem like a daunting task. In this podcast, Doug Chloupek (the Founder, CEO and Chairman of Juva Life) talks about how he successfully navigated the layers of Reg.A+ complexity and created his own roadmap to success from scratch, leading to his cannabis company being listed on the Canadian Securities Exchange, the OTC, and Borse Frankfurt Germany exchange. If you want to think big, then here’s your inspiration!

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How do you do a Reg.A when no one knows what Reg. A is? That was the dilemma facing Mr. Chloupek as he sought to raise capital for his business. There are so many nuances in doing a Reg.A+ crowdfunding campaign that many turn to industry experts to guide them through the process. If you’re a CEO of a company looking to start the crowdfunding process with a goal of listing your company on a major exchange, this is the podcast for you! Learn how Juva Life approached Regulation A from a “backwards” perspective, whereby how they concentrated on finding investors first as well as realistic ballpark estimates on the entire timeframe and much issuers should expect to pay for it all.

Mr. Chloupek and Juva Life followed no roadmap. Instead, they created their own through trial and error from scratch. including impressively building their investor portal, crm, investor relation team, and marketing strategies 100% in house! You can do it too! Their success is the new blueprint for solving an age-old problem: how do you actually get people to invest in your deal? As a result, the company is now listed on three major stock exchanges: CSE: JUVA, OTC: JUVAF, and FWB:4VV.

Juva Life is bringing together the latest tools in biology, medicine and technology to develop natural products formulated from molecular entities found in cannabis that offer evidence-based, positive effects against many of our most challenging health conditions. You can get more information on Juva Life at their website at

ABOUT OUR GUEST: Doug Chloupek

Doug Chloupek is the Founder, CEO and Chairman of Juvaâ.

Long before the current “green rush”, he recognized cannabis’ extraordinary potential to help people feel better. As an owner of two dispensaries, Doug worked with thousands of patients, listening to their experiences of healing, and enjoying a better quality of life. More importantly, he heard their questions, their reliance on only anecdotal treatments, and their desire for better answers. Doug knew it was imperative to create a company that could not only focus on rigorously-tested, consistent, quality products that would bring relief to people who need it, but one that was built on research that could benefit the cannabis community as a whole.

In addition to establishing two of California’s most successful dispensaries, he helped set a standard for large-scale production and labeling, and spearheaded sustainable cultivation practices. For more than a decade, he has worked closely with both local communities and leading medical professionals — establishing a reputation for honesty, integrity, deep knowledge and unfailing professionalism.

Valley Grown Enterprises, Lux Wellness, and Medmar Healing Center, amongst others, have created tangible value for both consumers and investors alike. His work co-founding BAS Research led to it being granted the first California license for medical cannabis manufacturing and research, issued by the City of Berkeley in 2016.

With the establishment of Juva in 2018, Doug recognized his ultimate goal, he was able to bring together a hand-picked team of cannabis industry veterans and leading, highly-respected medical researchers. Together, they are working within California’s regulated vertically-integrated market. Juva has six divisions spanning cultivation, research, manufacturing, distribution, delivery, and storefronts.

Doug is a founding board member of Citizens Coalition for Patient Care, and a founding member of the California Cannabis Industry Association.

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