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The Opportunity Zones program provides an incredible opportunity to create tax free upside after a 10 year hold. The program definitely encourages long term investment thinking and entrepreneurialism. But how do you incorporate it for your own investment portfolio, especially if you’re not a ultra high net worth individual? In this podcast, Gerry Reihsen from the Coasis Coalition takes you through the whole process showing how any “common person” can take advantage of the Opportunity Zones marketplace, even with as little as 5-10K of capital gains through what he calls “Captive Opportunity Zone Investment Vehicles”.

Listen to “How to Incorporate Opportunity Zones into your Investment Portfolio” on Spreaker.

Yes, there are incredible incentives to be realized in the Opportunity Zones space. In fact, in a previous podcast, Mr. Reihsen went so far as to suggest tax professionals are committing financial malpractice if they don’t understand exactly how the program works. So in this podcast, he lays it all out for you, regardless if you’re a big-time player or just an ordinary investor with capital gains exposure.

If you haven’t done so already, pause this podcast and get a pen and paper. You’ll definitely want to take notes regarding the information you’ll receive on this podcast episode. Understanding the points Mr. Reihsen made could be the difference between generational wealth and saying what if! It’s that important!

You’ll learn the basic structure and components of Captive Opportunity Zone investment vehicles, the process on how they are created, the flexibility inherent in the program, and all the nuances and benefits they provide, estate planning issues as well as the best part of all: how to continue to build wealth from within the vehicle to exit tax free!

Education is key. So if you want to start building wealth and security through a tax-free vehicle, contact Gerry today by phone at 214-908-2009, by email here, or visit his websites at and

ABOUT OUR GUEST: Gerry Reihsen

Gerry ReihsenGerry Reihsen’s career as a global entrepreneur and corporate/securities attorney spans four decades. Mr. Reihsen leads teams of highly skilled professionals serving every vector of the Opportunity Zone ecosystem. At Coasis Coalition, an advisory and consulting firm focused on the Opportunity Zone space, clients are assisted through the process of business and strategic efforts toward establishing Opportunity Zone enterprises of all types, including investment funds and investment fund platforms, and operating businesses spanning tech to professional services to traditional manufacturing, as opportunity zone businesses that can attract uniquely incentivized qualified opportunity zone capital and achieve tax-free exits.

As an attorney and the founder of Reihsen & Associates and Of Counsel to Ferguson Braswell Fraser Kubasta PC, his team assists clients in all the legal aspects of any and all businesses and transactions with a focus on the Opportunity Zone space. These legal services further extend to patent and other intellectual property services, restructuring/insolvency/bankruptcy and disputes and litigation. His team assists Opportunity Zone clients in placing qualified capital gains, in establishing captive Opportunity Zone investment vehicles, real estate development and other Opportunity Zone joint ventures and formation and operation of Opportunity Zone investment funds.

Mr. Reihsen can be reached at (214) 908-2009 or at any of, or

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