Is GloGreen’s Turnkey Smart Development the Future of Real Estate Construction?

In most real estate development projects that succeed, the actual developers themselves stand to make out the best when all is said and done. However, developers also face the highest amount of risk should the project go sideways because construction costs are almost always the difference between a winner and a loser. In this podcast, GloGreen CEO and Founder Angelo Farruggia and company partner John Kadiya talk about how GloGreen is revolutionizing the world of real estate and construction by changing the whole building process with their turnkey “smart development” concept of high-tech factories that build customizable structures – where the entire process results in an average savings to developers of approximately 40% of the entire cost of the construction project!

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GloGreen is an innovative design-build company with disruptive technologies in the real estate construction industry with a goal of maximizing sustainability and optimizing efficiencies in every step of the building process, from schematic design to engineering to construction.

Listen to Mr. Farraggia in this podcast as he explains how he has created a new and unique system of building residential, commercial and industrial structures, all LEED Platinum certified by implementing sustainability solutions from conceptual planning to the actual construction. While limiting the risks and maximizing rewards through every stage of development, GloGreen seeks to bring the best knowledge and technology to build contemporary innovative structures at competitive prices anywhere in the world through a franchise-based business model, offering licenses to developers worldwide.

You’ll also learn more about the custom construction his solution provides, details regarding the manufacturing process, the factory requirements, their building technique, and their global licensing strategy that is sure to pique the interest of real estate developers globally. This disruptive approach may allow developers to cut back on construction costs significantly, while achieving superior profits with a far superior finished product.

Questions? Comments? View the investor pitchdeck here or contact Angelo directly by email at You an also visit the GloGreen website for more information and specific details on a process that may be a solution to our national housing crisis, or could forever change the way humanity builds the future!


Angelo Farruggia – Founder: GloGreen

Born in Brussels, Belgium in 1973 to Italian parents. Angelo was brought up in the world of construction traveling with his family all over Europe building and investing in real estate. At the age of 17, Angelo began traveling and lived around the world, from South America (Brazil, Argentina) to Africa (DR Congo, Kenya, Madagascar, Yemen), India, Thailand and almost all of Europe. During his travels, he learned six languages: French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, English and Romanian.

After leaving the medical world as a Doctor in Psychiatry in 2005, Angelo has since been working with his brother, Leonardo (an engineer in electro-mechanical engineering and construction) to develop a new type of concrete alongside a sustainable and efficient system of building.


Chimi John Kadiya – Partner

Chimi attended The Ohio State University at University of Cincinnati studying civil engineering and construction engineering/management.

He has a wide range of experience in various industries coupled with an upbringing of diverse cultural backgrounds. With a constant quest for knowledge, he has a passion for innovative technology and sustainable design which he plans to use to help make the community and environment better in this ever rapidly growing and changing planet.

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