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Social media is a huge component of building a crowd and should not be ignored if you want your crowdfunding efforts to succeed. The problem is that with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, Youtube, LinkedIn, and SO many other social media platforms, using social media effectively is really a full time job! Most business owners just don’t have the time to do it all and many times will have to hire marketing professionals to handle social media tasks for them! Therefore, it may be wise to concentrate on just a few, and on this episode, we interviewed Ron Sukenick from Simply Go Public to talk about why LinkedIn is so powerful. Listen to this podcast to learn some tips on why LinkedIn may be worth your time and effort. After all, social media is free, right?… or is it?

In order to be successful on LinkedIn, you must have a connection strategy for success. The key is to become relevant. The more you become relevant, the better your social selling index score will be. It’s all about engagement and communication in an intelligent manner to a targeted audience of people who can help your cause. You just have to know how to reach them and get connected to the right groups. Confused? You won’t be after listening to the insights and takeaways provided on this podcast episode. So listen, then get started with your crowdfunding efforts by calling Mr. Sukenick today at 317-696-1367.

Listen to “Why LinkedIn May Be the Best Social Media Platform to Help Build Your Crowd” on Spreaker.


Besides being a founding partner at Simply Go Public, Ron Sukenick is the president and founder of The Relationship Strategies Institute, a global training and business development company that provides the business community with strategies for developing and effectively utilizing deeper professional relationships.

One of America’s leading authorities on the topics of LinkedIn, business networking and relationship strategies. Ron’s inspiring approach to working with those in transition creates immediate and measurable results. He is a best-selling author with his recent book, 21 Days to Success with LinkedIn, becoming an Amazon best seller.

Ron Sukenick is a dynamic presenter, an intuitive business coach and successful author. His presentations on relationship collaboration and transformation deliver practical information, humor and immediate results.

Ron Sukenick’s work consistently focuses on the areas of personal and professional relationship success and he has extensive insight into the processes that connect people to people. He shows his clients how to transcend the standard networking practices to build more authentic and mutually-beneficial relationships that enhance the bottom line.

One of Ron Sukenick’s most popular services is his consulting as Chief Relationship Officer. He has helped countless companies improve their internal relationships, as well as develop and improve critical relationships with clients, vendors and others outside the company.

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