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Are you down on social impact investing? This podcast may change your mind. Listen as Eric Schaffner from ZeLoop talks about how his “Impact and Earn” philosophy is combining crowdfunding, blockchain, philanthropy, and technology with impact investing – all under one opportunity .. and making a difference in the World in the process.

Listen to “Zeloop’s Impact and Earn Philosophy Makes Sustainability a Way of Life” on Spreaker.

“Impact and Earn” allows you to power up your purchasing power while shrinking your carbon footprint! Over 10,000+ environmental warriors have already joined this eco-friendly revolution– and it’s free! ZeLoop rewards users for recycling plastic bottles and battling the menace of littering, all in a tokenized manner! Folks, the world is becoming a Tokenization Nation!

Listen to Mr. Schaffner in this podcast as he explains the goals of the program, how it all came to be, the detailed process of how “impacting and earning” works, and how you can get involved in your local area. If you’re an advocate for a better world, talk to the people who are passionate architects making it a reality. And don’t forget about the concept of Philanthro Investing as well! Eric touches on that as well.

Contact him at his websites at and and start making sustainability a way of life!

ABOUT OUR GUEST: Eric Schaffner

Eric SchaffnerAt the age of 50, Eric Schaffner, a graduate of the National School of Agronomy and Food Industries (ENSAIA) in Nancy, is a confirmed expert in packaging and packing, particularly with regard to drinks, for having supported the colors of Sidel (Tetra Laval), the international leader in blow molding machines for polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles, all over the world.

Based in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Eric Schaffner sees day after day that plastic bottles don’t always end up in the right place to be recycled and, at the same time, is interested in a company that develops virtual token solutions. and cryptocurrencies: why not combine the two? Thus, was born ZeLoop, with the idea of applying the codes of telephone games to the collection of packaging in order to enhance the sorting gesture by means of the blockchain.

After a first self-funded step, the time has come to look for investors. Called SmartBlock Beverages (SBB), the start-up has obtained the Solar Impulse Efficient Solution label from the Solar Impulse foundation led by Bertrand Piccard. Spotted by Apple, ZeLoop is available in the form of a so-called application for the telephone. Supported by geeks keen on innovation, Eric Schaffner intends to shift the circular economy into an era as playful as it is technological. Each user can qualify and use a voluntary deposit point where they can drop off the packaging collected. These points are geolocated in the application. Reverse vending machines, home sorting, two or three-way bins, drop off centers, all configurations are possible as long as regular collection is in place. Virtual tokens called “Eco Reward” – value each deposit according to the quantity. The use of artificial intelligence (AI) should make it possible to determine the volume of packaging thanks to the analysis of a photo.

Eric Schaffner is increasing partnerships with brands such as Nestle PureLife and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) such as the SeaCleaners, founded by navigator Yvan Bourgnon, to build missions and address other challenges. SBB designed its application as a technological platform open to white label partners.


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