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As the Blockchain Trust Group always says: Tokenization brings liquidity to illiquid assets. And no company has taken a better overall approach on every aspect of the process than Horizon Globex has done with their “one stop shop” Security Token Offering software platform. In this podcast episode, listen to company CEO Brian Collins direct from Switzerland as he explains how his SaaS platform incorporates tokenization on the ethereum blockchain with KYC/AML onboarding along with seamless integration with transfer agent custody to create a solution so unique, assets can be tokenized and traded on a previously unheard of secondary market for these types of securities – and also learn why he believes the digital securities marketplace is poised for an amazing future!

Listen to “Horizon Globex’s Tokenization Platform Makes Digital Securities and Security Token Offerings Safe, Secure, Compliant, and Liquid” on Spreaker.

Many companies are seeking to enter the tokenization and cryptocurrency exchange landscape, but most face two major hurdles: compliance with SEC regulations and the ability to create liquidity for these Security Token Offerings with a robust and secure secondary market. Globex has created really the world’s only solution that legitimately addresses and solves both those issues and as such, they are setting the standard for cryptocurrency crowdfunding with the transfer/buying/selling with real money – and thereby creating liquidity in this space. It’s this liquidity that works as the “game changer” for any issuer seeking to raise money by tokenizing their asset. Anyone creating a digital security must be compliant and follow all the rules set forth by the SEC. But Globex has taken that compliance and security factor to a whole different level with their “one stop shop” platform, which is currently being promoted by the World Token Market.

When you address compliance, then bring in the blockchain tokenization process, and then add the secondary trading aspect to public markets complete with transfer agent custody for a fully efficient cost-effective means of crowdfunding, you have a blockchain solution that has the potential to literally change the world. And their recent press release announcing their partnership with the Antiguan Government to make that country a blockchain hub is proof that Horizon-Globex is moving in the right direction. Sometimes it pays to invest in innovation! Now it’s your turn. Fully listen and understand the power of the information contained in this podcast, then request a demo of this amazing tokenization platform at the World Token Market – TODAY!

ABOUT OUR GUEST: Brian Collins

Brian Collins<An experienced public and private company CEO, Brian founded Horizon Globex in 2010, which was listed on Nasdaq in 2012. From 1999-2010 Brian was CEO of Abbey Technology in Switzerland, specializing in the design of trading software for Swiss banks. Prior to this, Brian worked for Credit Suisse in Zürich designing and building proprietary equity trading solutions. Brian graduated in 1990 with a B.Sc.(Hons) in Computer Systems from the University of Limerick, Ireland

About Horizon Globex

Globex is a blockchain software business specialized in the Regulation D and Regulation S compliant tokenization of assets. Globex offers a complete securities primary issuance solution using Tokenetics, investor KYC/AML using KYCware U.S. transfer agent custody using CustodyWare and compliant secondary trading on ERC-20 blockchain exchanges.

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