Opportunity Zones: How Non-Profits are Revitalizing Communities

The goal of Opportunity Zones is to revitalize and reinvigorate distressed areas and transform them into vibrant communities, thereby increasing the quality of life for those who live within these designated regions. But revitalizing communities, a concept exclusive to Opportunity Zones, it can be done anywhere! In this podcast, Leslie Covington, the Executive Director of The Carying Place, explains how her non-profit organization teaches homeless, working families with children the life skills they need for attaining independent living while providing short-term housing and support services to address their individual needs in the North Carolina area.

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Talk about impact investing! Since their inception, The Carying Place (TCP) has served over 500 families. About 80% of families who graduate from TCP are living independently and gainfully employed at least a year after completing the program. Currently, the program supports 10 families at a time. Families live in apartments leased by TCP in an environment similar to permanent housing except rent and utilities are paid by TCP. Over a 16-week period, these families are taught the skills required for self-sufficiency through mandatory Thursday evening meetings with their Support Partners.

Listen to this podcast to learn how the entire process works, how these families learn life skills, their strategy for growth with housing facilities, how she is working with governmental officials. and why the Carying Place is looking at expansion into more real estate and perhaps even an Opportunity Zone fund to serve the large volume of families that make up her ever-growing waiting list.

The self-sufficient, independent living concept and services the Carying Place provides should be a model for cities all across the county! (and maybe it will). But for now, they are looking for help in all areas of development. Want to be part of their growth? Leslie can be contacted directly at 919-462-1800, by email here, or visit her website at www.TheCaryingPlace.org. You can also make a donation here – and help Leslie change lives!

ABOUT OUR GUEST: Leslie Covington

Leslie CovingtonLeslie Covington joined The Carying Place as Executive Director in 2015. Leslie obtained her Social Work degree at North Carolina State University and further developed a love for outreach through her local church.

Inspired by empowering at-risk and low-income families, she continued her experience through her service as a Youth Director, Director of Outreach, and Senior Youth Director for the YMCA of the Triangle. Leslie soon felt the need to go deeper with serving families and returned to NCSU for her Master of Social Work degree where she focused on mental health, clinical social work, and substance abuse counseling.

At this time in her life, Leslie strives to use her passion as well as her non-profit and mental health experience to lead and inspire others to achieve financial stability. When speaking of her work with the Carying Place, Leslie shared a story inspired by the legacy of such a great organization. We are breaking the cycle of poverty that plagues many families in the capital area. There is no better life mission than that! Leslie can be reached at Leslie.Covington@thecaryingplace.org or 919-462-1800.

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