Qualytics Is Becoming The Gold Standard for Impact Investing in Opportunity Zones in Arizona

Can Opportunity Zones become their own asset class? Jimmy Flores, the co-founder and CEO of Qualytics thinks so! Listen to this podcast as he explains how his company is becoming a private marketplace for Opportunity Zone stakeholders and how he is strongly advocating for community and social impact via data collection, measurement, and analytics – the goal of which is to focus on community impact first by working with local municipalities that have all the data to answer the big question: “how can we all contribute to create successful transactions with the most community meaningful results?”

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Stakeholders in the Opportunity Zones marketplace include business owners and entrepreneurs, property owners, QOF / Financial institutions, individual investors, technicians / professionals, non-profits, community members, government officials, and any other interested parties. This is Qualytics target domain. But while Qualytics operates mainly in Arizona, it doesn’t mean the principles they are using for success can’t be applied nationwide in other cities. By listening to this podcast, you’ll learn how Mr. Flores has developed an experienced team consisting of opportunity zone experts within the fields of law, accounting, finance, technology, business development, real estate, marketing, and more – and why he’s getting so much support from local communities and government officials.

Questions? Comments? Want to get involved? Contact Jimmy today by email or visit the Qualytics website for more information.


Jimmy FloresJimmy Flores is the founder and CEO of Qualytics, an Opportunity Zone Venture Development Firm advocating for Community + Social Impact within the Opportunity Zone (OZ) industry. He is the Chairman of the Membership Committee for Opportunity Zone Association of America, the first and only OZ industry association lobbying as an advocate for the full success of OZ development with community in mind. He is a thought leader and Subject Matter Expert for OZ real estate and business development around the United States. He is a seasoned entrepreneur, who has one of the largest OZ stakeholder networks in the industry. He’s connected to hundreds of Opportunity Funds nationwide, understands OZ deal flow, and is helping drive compliance best practices and standards revolving data collection and reporting around community impact.

Jimmy comes from happily married parents. His father was an officer in the United States Air Force. Jimmy has spent a majority of his life in Arizona, and attended Arizona State University before embarking on his dealmaking in commercial real estate. He is extremely active in his religious affiliation, not only in Arizona but also in California. He conducted his first real estate deal at 20 years old, and it was a commercial real estate lease. He has been involved in over 50 million square feet of commercial real estate, encompassing nearly 25 U.S. states and two Canadian provinces. However, his focus now is in Opportunity Zones. Him and his business partner, Michael Cota, are the co-founders of Qualytics, a Private Marketplace & Data Analytics Company for Opportunity Zone Stakeholders. Jimmy is the Chief Executive Officer, and Michael is the Chief Operating Officer. Michael and Jimmy have spent nearly 15 years together working on various businesses around the United States. Together, they are the dynamic duo and a force to be reckoned with!

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