Reg.CF Crowdfunding In the Gaming Industry

Gaming is big business. But besides the actual gaming itself, where do you go to buy and sell gaming assets? In this podcast, GameFlip’s Co-founder, CEO and Director JT Nguyen joins his Head of Operations Matheus Arnellas in describing how they’ve created a leading blockchain-based marketplace ensuring simple, safe transactions for all things digital gaming related, as well as how they’re using Reg.CF crowdfunding to allow his customers to be their investors on the StartEngine crowdfunding portal.

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What a concept! The Gameflip platform enables the mainstream to buy and sell all gaming digital goods and assets including items, gift cards, collectibles, games, and more. The Gameflip Market is trusted and built upon a proven architecture that has delivered security and scalability for millions of digital goods and asset transactions and is being led by a seasoned management team of serial entrepreneurs who have worked together across multiple start-ups, had successful exits and are experts in gaming.

Transparent ownership and unrestricted tradability of digital assets are the future of gaming. As such, GameFlip is enabling mainstream gamers to simply and safely conduct commerce across all categories of gaming and entertainment digital assets.

By listening to this podcast, you’ll learn how GameFlip discovered crowdfunding (and in particular, Reg.CF) in the first place, how they monetize their platform, why they chose Start Engine as their crowdfunding portal of choice, what they’re doing marketing-wise, how they navigated the Reg.CF waters in general, and what their plans for the future are. And let’s not forget how blockchain technology plays an important role to make this all safe, secure, and transparent.

Gameflip has already raised $10 million from Silicon Valley VCs and has facilitated lifetime sales of over $140M (GMV) from their community of more than 6 million gamers. If you’re into gaming, or interested in more information on how to get involved with their crowdfunding efforts, contact JT or Matheus at their website at to learn more about how to invest.

In addition, you can visit their listing directly on the Start Engine crowdfunding platform here.

ABOUT OUR GUESTS: JT Nguyen and Matheus Arnellas

JT NguyenJT Nguyen : Co-founder, CEO & Director

JT has over 20 years of experience building, scaling and managing global businesses, including 10+ years in the gaming industry. Prior to Gameflip, JT served as COO of Aeria Games, a global publisher and developer of free-to-play games, where he led the effort to grow the business to over 300 global employees and $120M+ in yearly revenue.

JT obtained his MBA from the UCLA Anderson School of Management, his MS in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University and his BS in Engineering from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Matheus Arnellas : Head of Operations

Matheus ArnellasMatheus has 11+ years of experience managing cross-functional teams in the digital free-to-play games space. He has served in production, marketing and operations roles at companies such as Electronic Arts, Aeria Games and PlayNext and holds an MBA from FIPE Sao Paulo and a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing & Advertising from PUC Campinas – Brazil.

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