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As mentioned numerous times, liquidity is undoubtedly the biggest concern of most real estate investors. The process of tokenization on the blockchain not only solves this issue, but also creates alternative investment strategies and avenues that most investors have never heard about before. On this podcast, listen to REINNO co-founder Barry Moniês as he explains the process of tokenizing real estate assets and how he’s turning commercial real estate into a liquid and flexible investment instrument with instant loan potential. In an unprecedented manner, now you can take loans backed by tokenized real estate and earn passive high-interest income with no paperwork, fees, or hassles! Described in one word: “WOW”!

Listen to “REINNO Brings Liquidity to the Commercial Real Estate Market via Tokenization and Digital Asset Lending” on Spreaker.

Tokenization is basically crowdfunding by representing real estate assets on a fractional basis using blockchain technology as its recording ledger backbone. It’s simple, safe, secure, and eliminates many of the middle-men (and costs) involved in a traditional real estate deal. The deals offered via tokenization are referred to as “Security Token Offerings” or STOs – and it’s critically important for investors to understand the very significant distinctions between an STO, an Initial Coin Offering (ICO), and basic cryptocurrency terms. (They are NOT all alike).

REINNO stands for “Real Estate Innovation” and the deals the company have already closed are proving this point. Besides being the first to tokenize an office building in Connecticut as well as the tokenization of a $105 million real estate fund, REINNO’s innovative lending program creates investment opportunities and strategies that are so amazingly out-of-the-box, you’ll want to play this podcast over and over again! Seriously, the information you’ll hear on this podcast from Mr.Moniês is absolutely invaluable and may change the way you look at commercial real estate forever! Plus, besides a template PPM with token language and disclosures provided, he’s got a “no upfront cost” tokenization offer that you do not want to miss! You can get more information by visiting the REINNO website or sending them an email here.


Barry MoniêsShortly after earning a Business degree in Management Information Systems from the University of Massachusetts, Barry Moniês started a real estate investing company purchasing multifamily and commercial properties. Since then he has been involved in analyzing, financing, purchasing and/or managing hundreds of millions of dollars worth of real estate. Currently, Mr. Moniês owns and manages multi-million dollars worth of commercial real estate.

Mr. Moniês also founded and currently serves as CEO of Computronix, a 20+ year old internationally recognized, full service technology solutions company that builds, manages and secures I.T. networks for businesses in real estate, financial, legal, medical and governmental sectors. In recent years, Mr Moniês has more than once been honored as one of the World’s Top Managed Services Executives and Computronix has repeatedly been recognized as one of the world’s 100 most progressive managed technology service providers.

Mr. Moniês is also noted for his expertise in the area of cyber security and the protection of electronic data. Several years ago, he was invited to participate in a Congressional Conference in Washington, D.C. on issues relating to cyber security and electronic terrorism. Most recently, Mr. Moniês has become recognized as an expert in cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies.

Most recently, Mr. Moniês has joined forces with two of the brightest minds in the fintech industry to start REINNO, a fintech company utilizing blockchain to provide greater liquidity to the commercial real estate industry. REINNO provides tokenization services, lending against real estate backed tokens, interest earning accounts and a marketplace for securitized token offerings. REINNO’s first deal in 2020 was the tokenization of a $105 million dollar real estate fund.

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