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Some investors seeking to defer their capital gains tax exposure are looking at Qualified Opportunity Zone Funds that are real estate based. Some like QOF’s that concentrate on business. In this podcast, Ryan Rodney, the project developer at Riverbound and fund manager at Riverbound Development QOF, explains how his opportunity zone fund has components of both! If you’re looking for an example of what a solid opportunity zone project can do for investors, job creation, and bringing value and revitalization to a community, this podcast will be an eye-opener and a primer on the entire process on how this unique opportunity zone project came to be.

Listen to “Riverbound Opportunity Zone Fund Incorporates Real Estate and Business with RV Custom Storage Project” on Spreaker.

Riverbound is a RV Park and Custom Storage Facility available for purchase or rent by the day, week, or month. The RV Park is located just 5 minutes north of Lake Havasu City in Arizona and serves as the most convenient RV Park and storage facility to park your RV, side-by-side, or boat. The RV Park allows owners to custom build to their needs, including indoor / outdoor storage and offers amenities like no other RV Park in the area: general store, laundromat, pull-through wash station and fuel station, swimming pool and spa, golf driving range, tennis court, basketball court, a kids park and a dog exercise area.

And as Mr. Rodney mentions on the podcast, they didn’t even realize the land was designated as an Opportunity Zone parcel when they first started the the rezoning and land-improvement process! Learn how with a background in investor relations and real estate development experience, Ryan transformed the site into a one-of-a-kind business AND real estate related Opportunity Zone opportunity for investors seeking to defer their capital gains taxes in a unique and operational project in an area screaming for custom storage and RV parking.

But it certainly wasn’t easy and the entire process was definitely a learning experience. Listen to the podcast as he takes you through it all in detail and you’ll learn something too! And don’t forget: there’s a December 31st deadline for investors to get their 10% step-up deferment. Don’t let that window close!

Act today! To get more information on the Riverbound Development QOF, LLC (or anything else he mentioned on this podcast), Ryan can be reached by email here, or you can visit the Riverbound website at In addition, you can also view the Riverbound Development QOF project listing at the QOZ Marketplace here as well.


Ryan RodneyRyan P. Rodney is the sole manager of Riverbound QOF Management, LLC, the management company at the Riverbound Custom Storage & RV Park project. On the Riverbound Project, Ryan’s role is that of Project Developer. Ryan brings substantial experience to Riverbound.

Ryan started his career at 15, when he got a job at a manufacturing warehouse, packaging orders and helping customize golf equipment. From there, he climbed the ladder, finding his real niche in sales and marketing. From 2007-2017, he was instrumental in raising over $100 million in private capital to fund 20 golf course real estate acquisitions and construction projects while assisting in their day to day operations. Ryan also has worked in the finance and risk analysis departments for various companies, where he honed and refined his natural leadership qualities.

In his finance roles, Ryan analyzed the feasibility of debt vs. equity investments for small businesses across the country. Ryan’s vast knowledge of small business finance and hands-on experience put him in the executive suite. Among the executive team, Ryan is recognized as a management professional and efficiency expert. His ability to dissect financial statements and immediately recognize inefficiencies and suggest ways to improve the bottom line is one of Ryan’s key strengths, ever helping increase an enterprise’s probability for success.

In 2017, the Riverbound project was no more than a back-of-the-napkin concept, but through Ryan’s hard work, dedication, and team-building he was able to get folks to buy into his vision of creating a world-class project that took a patch of desert sand with no water, sewer, or electrical and turning it into a recreational oasis that is now cash-flowing for his investors.

Ryan and his wife of seven years, Valerie, have two kids; a seven-year-old girl named Rylee Ann and a 5-year-old boy named Michael River. Ryan has been enjoying recreational activities along the Colorado River and throughout the Mohave Desert since he was a young boy. His heartfelt passion for the “River Life” has filled up his family’s photo albums and has heavily influenced the birth, creation, and advancement of the Riverbound Custom Storage & RV Park concept. He and his family enjoy watching and playing sports, traveling, boating, off-roading, and relaxing on the river with each other, their extended family, and their friends.

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