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Everyone knows how much gas they have in their car, or how much money they have in the bank. But few know exactly what chronic or terminal diseases they may be predisposed to regarding their health. That’s about to change with “Predictive Health”! In this podcast, David Quinney – the Co-founder of FHIOS Health – explains the origin of his company, how the entire process works in detail, how his platform combines the best in predictive disease screening and analysis, and the investment opportunity for investors into his deal – all with the goal being to keep you out of the costly medical industry process as long as possible.

Listen to “Screen and Prevent Disases with “Predictive Health” Technology” on Spreaker.

Some consider the term “Big Pharma” a bad word these days, but as far as FHIOS Health is concerned, that’s just not the case! Why? Because they are focusing on a segment of the market that most “health professionals” have not: Predictive Health. And why again? Because the top ten US causes of illness and death are ALL readily screenable!

The problem with the current healthcare system is that it incentivizes and prioritizes treatment before prediction, detection and prevention. Once a condition becomes late state or chronic, the options for successful behavioral or medical intervention are fewer and far more costly. More than 90% of all chronic and terminal illnesses result from just 50 disease conditions. Of these 50 “The Top 10” represent 80% of all American terminal illnesses and death.

By listening to this podcast, you’ll learn how Mr. Quinney’s platform combines the best in predictive disease screening and analysis to address this problem, along with interactive health education, a real-world environment, and behavioral tools designed to support the optimal long and healthy life for members of his platform. He’s basically bringing the doctor’s office of the future, right in your own living room!

Find out more about the FHIOS virtual health platform and how they are offering the most comprehensive, cost-effective, and widely accessible personal health system in the US. The future of health Is now. And now’s the time for you to take advantage of this opportunity to “Philanthro Invest”!

Questions? Comments? David can be contacted by email here or by visiting the FHIOS Health website at

ABOUT OUR GUEST: David Quinney

David QuinneyDavid E. Quinney III is a seasoned entrepreneur and investor with a highly diverse experience portfolio including, entertainment, digital media, health technology, market and growth strategy, and capital formation and deployment. David has a passion for building and investing in teams and systems capable of taking paradigm shifting ideas and products to market, and then positioning for rapid yet sustainable growth and scale.

David is currently the Co-Founder, Chairman and CMO of Precision Health Technology Holdings. PHTH is a health technology and product platform on a mission to reimagine healthcare in the United States extending democratized and affordable access to cutting edge preventive screening protocols, AI, leading health products, and proactive health lifestyle environments on a national scale.

David also serves as the Managing Partner of Fanology Capital, which he co-founded in 2019, to invest in, and support early stage entrepreneurs on their path to achieve product market fit and to significantly compress the time/cost to market, scale, and profitability.

David began his career in entertainment, event production and marketing while studying at the University of Miami in 2003. By 2006 David was eager for his next phase of professional exploration, and moved to Los Angeles to expand into film development and finance. David founded StopTime Productions in West Hollywood, producing and co-financing three feature films with household names such as Dane Cook, Amber Heard and William Hurt.

In January 2010, David co-founded Fanology Digital. Fanology has built a new type of content and marketing platform and utilized to create large scale integrated fan and customer networks for some of the worlds largest brands including The Walt Disney Company, Microsoft, ABC Family, LiveNation, Toyota, Lenovo and American Express.

David followed Fanology with roles as a founding investor, advisor and in some cases board member, for a range of early stage companies including Influence Mobile, LiveNite Events, Reggae RiseUp, GoGoGab Inc, Structure Capital, Medical Intelligence Inc, and Gravity Group.

David is the Managing Director of DAVSHAR Holdings which he founded in 2014 to make direct strategic investments into multiple industry verticals spanning real estate, technology, and entertainment.

David has a double degree in psychology and marketing from The University of Miami and serves as a director on several company and non-profit boards, including a directorship on the S.J. & Jesse E. Quinney Foundation.

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