The 1031 Exchange Demystified: What All Real Estate Investors Should Know

By now, most real estate investors know that a 1031 Exchange is an excellent vehicle to build generational wealth as it allows you to defer capital gains taxes when you sell properties and exchange them for others. However, there are many details and requirements that must be adhered to while doing a 1031 or disaster will ensue. In this podcast, listen to Michael Skoczylas and Alex Shandrovsky from Madison 1031 talk about what all investors need to know about 1031 exchanges and why proper guidance is necessary to avoid the dangers of an exchange done incorrectly.

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The 1031 Exchange is also closely related to Opportunity Zone investing since both programs allow you to defer capital gains taxes. But there are significant differences between the two as well. In fact, many investors are using the Opportunity Zones program as a possible alternative to a failed 1031. How does an 1031 fail? It happens, but it won’t happen to you if you listen to the excellent advice and caveats Mr. Skoczylas and Mr. Shandrovsky offer in this podcast as they go over all the questions you were afraid to ask your lawyer and CPA about a 1031. Questions? Comments? Ready to start your 1031? Get more information at their website at

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ABOUT OUR GUESTS: Michael Skoczylas and Alex Shandrovsky

Michael Skoczylas

Michael Skoczylas, Esq. CPA is able to speak the language of Investors, CPAs and Attorneys. He has done tax planning for multinational real estate companies, counseled clients on real estate transactions exceeding $4 Billion and was a Dean’s Scholar at Wayne State University Law School.

He has been voted by his peers as a Michigan Super Lawyer Rising Star for tax in 2018 and 2019. Michael’s love and passion for saving taxes for his clients is only matched by his love for Detroit sports and his family. Michael is a proud husband and father to four adorable children.


Alex Shandrovsky

Alex ShandrovskyAlex Shandrovsky is a Silicon Valley seasoned entrepreneur. Starting with a $3,000 Loan, He built a multi-million dollar catering business serving leading tech companies including Google, Airbnb and Favebook. . He has been featured in numerous publications including Haaretz, Newsweek and San Francisco Chronicle and has studied Digital Marketing at Dartmouth University Business School.

As a Senior Business Development representative for Madison 1031 Exchange, Alex has the privilege of building multigenerational wealth for driven real estate investors. He is a proud husband and father to 3 adorable children.

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