The “Build to Rent” Trend is Getting Popular as a Real Estate Investment Strategy

The latest real estate trend for investors is the “Build-to-Rent” (BTR) investment strategy. Why is the demand for BTR properties growing? In this podcast, Ryan Garland, the CEO of Paradyme Investments, explains why Build-to-Rent is not only popular, but why it makes sense on so many vantage points. Learn the pros and cons of such a strategy as well as why the BTR asset class is helping create new opportunities for developers, builders, and investors to own property in new rental communities in growing markets throughout the U.S.

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As Mr. Garland states on the podcast, Paradyme is a vertically integrated Venture Capital and Real Estate Investment Firm with a mission to provide access to highly vetted, diverse real estate investment opportunities with transparency, education and ease. With their state-of-the-art crowdfunding platform, investment management software, and a Family Office Networking strategy, Paradyme uses its proprietary business strategy and software to successfully syndicate debt and equity for real estate developments.

They know that the Build-to-Rent home model has been one of the fastest-growing sectors of the U.S. housing market, with demand from renters and investors exceeding supply. Niche players and large publicly-held investors are attracted to the perfect trifecta of affordability, choice, and demand offered by Build-to-Rent homes. Paradyme Investments constantly has their thumb on the pulse of this market, which is why they continue to foresee the data driving the demand of these types of communities. The BTR supply is expected to double within the year of 2022, which is trending to be the hottest on record.

Listen to this podcast and you’ll understand why Build-to-Rent real estate takes rental property investing to the next level by building new homes from the ground-up for the specific purpose of renting to tenants and Ryan provides a number of examples of how his company is taking advantage of this concept! BTR real estate mainly consists of investors purchasing property, then turning it into a rental investment. This asset class has expanded even further, allowing homebuilders and investment firms to partner together, building new single-family homes from the ground up with the sole intention of renting these properties out to tenants.

Do you want sustainable demand, positive cash flow, and promising growth in the next coming years in your investment portfolio? Then maybe Build-to-Rent is for you. And if so, it makes sense to contact Ryan for more information. He can be reached directly by phone at 951-505-6338, by email here, or by visiting the Paradyme Investments website at


Ryan GarlandRyan Garland’s unparalleled ability to understand the Real Estate market, and to consequentially shift his strategic thinking is the very foundation on which he has built his stellar career.

As an accomplished Civil Engineer, Ryan started his lending career in the traditional SFR space. Due to Ryan’s ability to establish relationships with HNW clientele (High-Net-Worth) and his passion for distressed assets, he began the Paradyme brand. Ryan successfully facilitated and closed an average of 150 short sales and REO transactions a month during the 2008 recession period. Strictly focused on
“workout turnarounds” or known as flips. Both in the SFR and Commercial sectors. Operating as an LP, Ryan was voted #1 Top Originator in California for 4 years straight. Ryan also made top producers magazine. A nationwide publication. Ryan has been involved in over 1.5 Billion in real estate distressed transactions.

Paradyme’s objective and core passion are in line with “Impact” investing. Filling a direct need for housing and workout-turnarounds for small businesses. Paradyme has included a health and wellness component using modalities such as; circadian rhythm lighting, hospital-grade air, and robust water filtration systems. This system works alongside smart home technologies, catering to every aspect of efficiently running a home or workplace. This technology, Delos Wellness now in 130 countries, was founded by former Goldman Sachs partners and is headquartered in New York. John Finton, who sits on Paradyme’s advisory board, still owns the title of number one luxury home builder in the world, is also a large part of the impact aspect, helping where needed. Paraydme is seasoned with Pace financing, LEED, and the Well Building Standard, showing our focus to use building material that is good for the environment, the occupants, and, using sustainable products for development.

With more than a dozen projects in its pipeline at any given time, this diversified Private Equity structured firm is the most recognized in Inland Empire, (Southern California) and, with recession-resistant market ventures such as Senior Living communities, Multi-Family, for rent SFR communities, Office and other specific Commercial opportunities. Paradyme’s fundamental principles of integrity, transparency and exceptional client relations are a component that all investors continue to write reviews about.

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