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Businesses fail at an alarming rate. Why is that? Could it be that business owners and CEOs may have a blindspot when it comes to the challenges that arise from business ownership? In this podcast, Premier Business Mechanics co-founders Kevin Hernandez and Patrick Stewart discuss the tools and strategies they provide to business owners in all forms of business growth, including business strategy, sales growth and digital marketing – including their Business Advisory Board that provides access to a unique network of business owners and executives to help distill best practices and insure their client’s long-term success!

Listen to “Business Owners: You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know” on Spreaker.

Every business decision you make can have a drastic impact on the future success of your company, and starting an entirely new business can be even more of a daunting task. Many business leaders and CEOs are so confident in what they know best, sometimes they ignore (or don’t even realize) what is necessary for their businesses to not just survive the early stages of the company, but even thrive afterwards. That’s why it may be wise to employ the services of business consultants such as Mr. Hernandez and Mr. Stewart from Premier Business Mechanics. As you learn on the podcast, they can provide business owners of all sizes with the tools and strategy needed for success –whether you know it or not! Contact them by phone at 833-PBMWORLD (833-726-9675) or visit their website here for more information.

ABOUT OUR GUESTS: Patrick Stewart and Kevin Hernandez

Patrick StewartPatrick F. Stewart

Patrick holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management from Northern Arizona University ’93.

During the first 12 years of his professional carrier he served as Vice President of ILX Resorts Inc., a publicly traded company. Highlights from his service include:

  • Youngest General Manager and Vice President in the company’s history
  • Opened 4 Newly Themed Restaurants, at the signature Los Abrigados Resort and Spa in Sedona, AZ
  • Led a takeover team to a newly acquired Kohl’s Ranch Lodge in Payson, AZ
  • Led a turnaround team for a newly opened signature resort line Varsity Clubs of America in Tucson, AZ
  • Started his first privately owned company, “On The Town Concierge”, in 1999 which developed a concierge software and kiosk prototype, as well as built websites for small businesses in Tucson, AZ.

Patrick was also a Partner for the startup company, “Perfect Marketing Concepts” which grew to become one of the Timeshare Industries largest privately held tour generating companies from 2002-2008, Annual revenues of $7.5M, generating over $25M in Timeshare Sales annually.

Most recently, Patrick finished his 10th year as VP of Sales at Resortcom International, which services clients that generate over $900M in annual sales and he was responsible for sales production of over 250 employees in Las Vegas, NV and 5 resort destinations in Mexico.

Patrick currently serves his community as a Board Member of Paradise Calvary Chapel Church, and Boulder City Little League.

Kevin A. Hernandez

Kevin HernandezKevin A. Hernandez has worked in the advertising and marketing industry since 2001 for known companies such as Verizon, AT&T, YP and DEXYP. Most recently Kevin was thriving as a marketing consultant for ValPak which is a business to business direct mail marketing company that reaches 70 million homes monthly across the country.

Over his career, Kevin has earned many sales achievements including: most new business 2004, highest sales volume 2010-2012, and rookie of the year 2012. Kevin has developed a passion for utilizing his time educating business owners on the importance of maintaining good basic online presence. His role as a trusted advisor has earned him opportunities to be hired as a business consultant wherein he has helped different businesses succeed including one scenario in which he restructured a business and readied it for sale.

For twenty five years Kevin has donated up to ten hours monthly for St. Vincent de Pauls in Phoenix, Arizona and its affiliate Harvest Food for the Homeless in Orange County, California.

Kevin’s professional accolades include:

  • having worked successfully in several industries including Healthcare, Retail, Food & Beverage, and Advertising & Marketing
  • Helped start “On The Town Concierge” startup company
  • Restructured a business for sale earning the owner a 600% profit
  • Kevin is multi-lingual

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