Setting the Record Straight About Opportunity Zones

Sometimes you can get a bit frustrated when you’re working in an industry that doesn’t have clear historical data. And so it goes with Opportunity Zones. In this podcast, David Sillaman (the CEO of Eazy Do It Opportunty Zone Fund Development and one of the biggest influencers in the Opportunity Zones space) gives us his take on what’s really going on with Opportunity Zone investing, and sets the record straight on how data in this marketplace should really be interpreted. Learn the behind-the-scenes impetus of the video he made on Facebook that really hits hard and gets to the bottom of the problems and shortcomings that many in the Opportunity Zones Marketplace are facing (and in many ways, irrationally so).

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If you really break it down into its simplest components, investing in Opportunity Zone projects is basically private equity. Therefore, the rules of private equity remain the same, the only difference with OZ Funds is the goal of community revitalization and business development. Real estate projects are great, but it’s the businesses that are created and sustained that is going to drive the success of this program forward – and this is exactly what Eazy Do It focuses on. The education is out there and more and more guidance is being understood, but now’s the time to really take action. Listen to this podcast as Mr. Sillaman points out what exactly needs to be done and how the time is now to start making real-world deals.

In that light, learn more about the DealMakers Exchange his company is organizing to be held on March 12th, 2020 at the Virginia Beach Convention Center. You’ll meet with QOZ experts, QOZ Fund Managers, Economic Development Agencies, OZ Project Managers, and experience what impact investing is all about in Opportunity Zones and with Opportunity Funds – and if you register today, you can attend for just $99 and save yourself $300!!! As Mr. Sillaman mentioned on the podcast: if you can’t make a deal at this event, you can’t make a deal!

ABOUT OUR GUEST: David Sillaman

David SillamanDavid Sillaman is the founder and chief executive officer of Eazy Do It Inc., an opportunity fund creation company based in Virginia Beach, Va. Eazy Do It works with clients to develop a structured turn-key solution for business owners, real estate development projects, high net worth individuals and family offices looking to set up an opportunity fund experience.

Recognized as a Top 10 OZ Influencer, Eazy Do It and one of the leaders in the Opportunity Fund Creation industry, David Sillaman is a member of the Forbes Real Estate Counsel. Eazy Do It Funds have been recognized by FinTek News, Business Insider, Market Insider, Senior Housing News & Silicon Review to name a few.

Mr. Sillaman is a frequent speaker at National Opportunity Zone Events, including the CDFA Florida Opportunity Zone Conference and past Opportunity Zone Expo Conferences. Eazy Do It has built a sixth of all the opportunity funds in the market space today, with a strong emphasis on business based opportunity funds.

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