Crowdfunding Portals Like Makes Investing in Crowdfunding Projects Easy

For the first time in history, the majority of the US population can now invest in startups thanks to Title III of the Jobs Act of 2012. As a result, the industry has given rise to a number of Reg.A+ and Reg.CF crowdfunding portals that showcase these offerings. In this podcast episode, we spoke with show guest Matt Melbourne from Republic who answered questions and spoke about how his investment portal is making startup investing truly accessible in a selective and quality deal-flow manner by democratizing investing and leveling out the fundraising landscape for issuers and investors alike. Listen and learn why Republic’s due diligence process sets them apart from the rest as they continue bringing some excellent opportunities to those interested in equity crowdfunding!

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Like each crowdfunding offering itself, these portals must be registered by the Security Exchange Commission (SEC) in order for them to operate, giving an added level of transparency in order to make investors feel more comfortable making investments on each platform. In addition, Republic was founded by alumni of AngelList, which is the world’s largest online investment platform for accredited investors, which gives them the experience and trust factor not many other online portals have. It’s no wonder that they have in the neighborhood of 100,000 registered users already. Perhaps it’s time for you to get started with your crowdfunding efforts, either as an investor or an issuer? Our show sponsor, the crowdfunding specialists at Simply Go Public, can help you take those first steps!

ABOUT OUR GUEST: Matt Melbourne

Matt MelbourneMatt leads Business Development on the East Coast at Republic––an investment platform for startups to raise capital and for everyone to invest in startups. He educates startup founders and business owners on the value of opening up the investment opportunity to everyone, including their most loyal customers or users.

Before diving into the startup world, he worked on Global Citizen’s BD team that managed corporate partnerships of their Fortune 50 accounts including Google, Johnson & Johnson, and Citi. He holds a B.A. from Georgetown University.

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