Straight Talk About Crowdfunding – Sometimes It Takes Money to Make Money

Just as more and more syndication sources are picking up the Mapable USA podcast, many businesses are starting to see many other businesses being successful with crowdfunding and as such are looking for new and improved ways of targeting both accredited and non-accredited investors. Hollywood would like you believe that “if you build it, they will come”. But in reality, that’s not the case in the crowdfunding world. Why is that? Find out why and listen to this podcast to get some really great insights from show sponsor and Simply Go Public’s co-founder Ron Sukenick who appeared as a guest on the show and explained why it’s so important to build a crowd and what you must do to create successful crowdfunding campaigns.

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CEOs are pretty smart people, but sometimes they think they can do it all. Unfortunately, many are unaware of all the tools at their disposal that help make crowdfunding a success, from consultative companies such as Simply Go Public to the many crowdfunding portals that make investing easy. Every minute a company spends trying to “do everything themselves” takes away from their core business of what made them attractive to investors in the first place! The key is to ask yourself exactly WHY you want to run a crowdfunding campaign. Then you can develop a marketing strategy to get there – in that order! But once you get it right, it’ll all be worth the time and effort. It helps to get started crowdfunding with companies who can manage the whole process and who can also claim “been there, done that”. Now that’s what we call straight talk right from the experts!


Ron Sukenick has over 30 years’ executive experience and is the founder of the Relationship Strategies Institute (RSI). A bestselling author, public speaker, trainer, and relationship strategist, His international clients include start-up to global businesses. Ron is a Vietnam veteran and Retired Army Reserve and a DoD public speaker. He can be reached at 317-696-1367

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