Deadlines Are Approaching for Opportunity Zones Investors. Here’s What You Need to Know

Many in the financial services industry believe Opportunity Zones Investing is one of the most significant capital gains tax strategies in decades. But, like all good things, deadlines come into play. Listen to this podcast as Blake Christian, a partner at the accounting firm of HCVT, goes over the four most important deadline issues he believes all OZ investors need to be aware of right now! You won’t be panicking on December 31st if you heed the information presented in this podcast

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Opportunity Zone investing is not a trend – it’s here to stay! If you’ve done your research regarding investing in Opportunity Zone Funds, you’ll surely realize that investing in a QOF (Qualified Opportunity Zone Fund) is so important as a means to defer your capital gains tax exposure. Listen to Blake Christian as he goes over so many reasons why this is so, and why it is of utmost importance to look into this vehicle if you owe capital gains taxes.

As explained on the podcast, you can either start a Fund yourself, or invest in someone else’s fund but remember: it’s crucial that you do it all the right way so you can reap all the benefits of this program … legally! That means strict adherence to deadlines. What are those deadlines? What qualifies? What doesn’t? What are the requirements of each? That is the information Blake takes you through on this episode.

Perhaps a “captive” opportunity zone fund is for you. Maybe you want to go in a different direction. Some opportunity zone funds concentrate on real estate. Others focus on business development. Some incorporate both real estate and business components. That’s what’s great about OZ Funds: there is something for everyone! Regardless, get your money into an QOF before year end!… and use this podcast as a blueprint on doing so. Don’t wait until the last minute. Deadlines come up quickly. Call the experts first before you make any mistakes!!!

Questions? Comments? Need more info? Mr. Christian can be reached directly at 562-305-8050 and more information can be found at his website at, where you can also find info on the state of Opportunity Zone investing space in general. Also, don’t forget to check out his MIT Modular Opportunity Zone Fund as an example of an OZ Fund with exposure to both real estate and business! 

ABOUT OUR GUEST: Blake Christian

Blake ChristainBlake brings over 35 years of experience providing tax consulting and compliance services to clients that include multinational, publicly traded corporations, as well as closely held owner-managed businesses. Throughout his entire career, Blake has specialized in federal, state and local tax incentive programs. Blake is leading the firm’s efforts in providing tax consulting services for Qualified Opportunity Zones. A thought leader, Blake has been recently interviewed by US News and World Reports and other national publications providing insights into this powerful, yet complex, tax incentive program and has authored several articles and HCVT Tax Alerts about Qualified Opportunity Zones (OZ) and Qualified Opportunity Funds. Blake has developed unique insights into OZ strategies for real estate developers and investors, as well as for operating business start-ups and expansions. In addition to tax incentive consulting, Blake provides partnership and individual tax planning and compliance services. His industry experience is broad and includes manufacturing and distribution, service companies, restaurant, shipping and transportation, energy and healthcare.

Blake joined HCVT to open the firm’s Long Beach office over 26 years ago and opened the firm’s Park City, Utah office in 2014. Blake has served, in leadership positions on numerous community boards including the Long Beach Community Foundation as Vice Chair, Cal State Long Beach Ukleja Center for Ethical Leadership Governing Council, and the Long Beach Rotary where he served as president. Blake is also an active member of the Long Beach Area Chamber of Commerce and served as chairperson and is a regular member of the Park City Rotary Club, The Egyptian Theater and the Park City Chamber of Commerce. Blake was named as one of the Top 10 California Accounting Professionals in 2015 and 2014. The Long Beach Chamber of Commerce awarded Blake the 2016 Community Spirit Award for his economic development work and leadership in the California Enterprise Zone program.

Blake is a frequent contributor to leading industry related publications. named Blake as one of the Top 50 Tax Bloggers in the US. Blake has been a contributing columnist for the AICPA CPA Insider, a past columnist for the AICPA Corporate Tax Insider Newsletter, and is a regular contributor to the Long Beach Business Journal as well as numerous other publications. He has lectured at a number of universities, including University of Southern California (MBT Program) and California State University Long Beach (Annual Tax Conference), BYU and University of Utah, as well as various business and tax forums throughout the country. Blake has also been a technical resource for many news organizations, including USA Today, Los Angeles Times, Press-Telegram, KTLA News, Park City TV, KNX NewsRadio, and KFI Radio KPCW.

Blake began his career at KPMG LLP and was admitted to its partnership. Blake holds a master’s of taxation from the University of Southern California and a bachelor’s degree in accounting and a minor in finance from California State University, Long Beach. Active in both the Long Beach and Park City communities. Blake supports the fundraising efforts of LB and PC Rotary, the LB and PC Community Foundations, Plant LB, The Egyptian Theater/ Save Our Stage and the National Ability Center.

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