Crowdfunding Rule Changes Give Rise to “Reg.CF Plus”

As equity crowdfunding matures for businesses of all sizes, Regulation CF offerings are on the rise. And although many companies have already taken advantages of the benefits of a Reg.CF offering, new crowdfunding rules are making this product even more attractive. In this podcast, Adam Pressman the CEO of Crowdfund Roundup. explains why he has coined the term “Reg.CF Plus”, how his program is different from the others, and why he believes Reg.CF+ is the future of small business finance.

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Recent changes in US Securities Law have finally empowered the original vision of 2016’s JOBS Act to provide an effective route to funding besides traditional lending. Now it’s less expensive, faster and more certain to gain funding via direct engagement to investors than has ever been true in the US. Crowdfunding makes this happen. Companies seeking substantial money raises have turned to the Regulation A crowdfunding vehicle, but Reg.CF is also available for a less expensive option that issuers are starting to take notice of.

The result is the concept of investomers where companies can now raise money directly from their very own customers. These are customers who like and believe in the brand and as such, become the company’s best evangelists as well. There is a big problem realizing the potential of directly engaging with investors, however, people who realize that a well-run campaign introducing potential investors to a well-thought-out plan to gain, use and repay investors by building a valuable venture will always succeed.

Listen to this podcast to learn how investment portals, entrepreneurs, investors are all tied together is this ecostructure, and how Mr. Pressman is utilizing the new crowdfunding rules to make “Reg.CF Plus” product the crowdfunding choice of small businesses across the country as a “new path to small business funding” in order to turn “social capital” into “working capital”.

Want more information? Download the whitepaper introducing Reg.CF Plus, written by his colleague Professor Stein. In addition, Adam can be reached by email here or you can visit his related websites at,, and

But don’t forget: the marketing aspect of ANY crowdfunding deal is crucial to success! Find the right marketing company and/or investment sales organization to correctly get your message out to get your deal sold and closed. This podcast will put you on the right track for that!

ABOUT OUR GUEST: Adam Pressman

Adam Pressman is on a mission to change the way people find, fund and perform the work that changes lives, maybe even the world. This means challenging the orthodoxy in many ways and that gives him a great thrill while providing great value.

He is the National Executive Officer for Crowdfund Roundup, a national association of community based and focused teams of certified crowdfunding experts who deliver the seven essential services for anyone seeking success in the crowd. (Law, accounting, marketing, messaging, social, Internet technology, management)

Before that, Mr. Pressman spent three decades keeping bad things from happening to good people. As a security professional it was his job, serving executives, large and small organizations, and governments on both sides of the Atlantic in identifying failures that bad people could exploit and preventing that. He built a performance development practice with that knowledge that helps people experience, obtain and deliver good as well as avoid harm.

Now, with the incomparable team he’s privileged to work with at Crowdfund Roundup, Adam is able to reduce the cost and risk of funding businesses and leveraging the power of social capital to become working capital. Excited by his latest offer, for which he has created the term, Regulation Crowdfunding (or RegCF) Plus, his company can help more businesses find capital from people they care about, on great terms, less expensively, faster and more certain than ever before.

You can learn more about the team at the EquitizeUSA platform website. Or you can learn more about Regulation Crowdfunding Plus at

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