Effective Adaptive Reuse is the Key to Many Opportunity Zone Projects

Identifying, reusing, and re-adapting properties to their best use is one of the most profitable real estate strategies for both investors and for the benefit of communities in general. So why don’t more Opportunity Zone fund managers target these repurposing opportunities? In this podcast, Brion Crum, the Vice President of Wealth Development at Caliber Funds explains the benefits of equity investments into OZ projects and how his Caliber Opportunity Zone Fund is leading the way with their unique investment vision as well as why “impact reporting” is so important as a judge of success for each project.

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Located in Scottsdale, Arizona, Caliber’s goal is to build the wealth of investors through alternative access to real estate investments. They work with all types of individual investors, institutional investors, and financial professionals and have created their own Opportunity Zone Fund towards that end. As Mr. Crum mentions on the podcast, creating a fund is one thing, but specializing in effective adaptive reuse is why so many are attracted to what they are doing, especially in the area of transforming the way people buy, build and live in their homes.

With their Zenni Home project, Caliber is developing housing alternatives that optimize space, reduce waste and help preserve the planet’s resources. Founded in 2020, ZenniHome brings viable solutions to the housing industry shortage by designing and factory building its models to be easily transported, to have a minimum environmental footprint, to stack in multi-family configurations, and to include leading edge technologies that transform the customer experience of buying, investing, owning, and living. Add in opportunity zone benefits and you have something certainly to pique investor interest!

In this podcast, Brion provides a number of examples of why effective adaptive reuse strategy is so important when it comes to profitability, effectiveness and overall community revitalization success and after all, isn’t that the point of the entire Opportunity Zones program? You’ll also understand how Caliber is making equity investments in OZ related businesses and how his company is handling the “impact reporting” issue, an issue many don’t even address! Oh, and blockchain… let’s not forget about the potential of blockchain technology as well!

If you’d like to get more information about Caliber Funds and learn more about what they are doing, visit their listing on the QOZ Marketplace here or go directly to their website at CaliberFunds.co. In addition, Brion can be reached at 480-881-1906 or by email here. What makes for a great investment into Opportunity Zones? You’re about to find out!


Brion CrumBrion Crum is a Vice President, Investments, at Caliber Funds. His responsibilities include raising money for Caliber’s multiple real estate funds and helping accredited investors develop their wealth.

Prior to Caliber, Brion was a financial advisor at Merrill Lynch and Synergy Investments, advising high-net-worth investors and business owners on strategies for asset protection, tax planning and portfolio construction. Brion began his career as an internal wholesaler at ING Funds before becoming an independent advisor and consultant for companies with high-growth potential and their executives.

Brion has been on the founding advisory board of Eliances, an entrepreneurship community, and is a board member/advisor for a diverse group of organizations that have community impact and sustainability at their core.

Brion obtained his BSBA in Finance and Aviation Management from The Ohio State University. He is a registered representative with Tobin & Company Securities LLC; Member FINRA/SIPC.

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