Is Crowdfunding Upside Down? Who is the Real Customer?

Crowdfunding has been around for quite some time now, and while many are participating in the crowdfunding process, there’s a huge issue that often goes unaddressed: who is the real customer? Is the entire crowdfunding industry upside down? In this podcast Shane Liddell, the CEO of, explains why he thinks the model may be broken, what the impact will be for the industry in general if the topics he mentions are not corrected, and how his XSeedR portal can help solve these issues with accountability, milestone reporting, and transparency, all in a compliant manner on the blockchain.

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No industry is perfect, and crowdfunding is no exception. There are certainly a number of problems in this space, but on the other hand, the crowdfunding industry is also full of opportunities if you know where these opportunities lie and how to take advantage of them. However, while crowdfunding is seeing massive success, the model is seemingly broken when you dive into the very nature of who the actual customer is.

By listening to this podcast, you’ll uncover what these problems within the industry actually are that need to be addressed – and how Mr. Liddell is building an entirely unique platform designed from the ground up to address these fundamental problems within crowdfunding. By the looks of things, his XseedR portal is poised to become the most disruptive fundraising ecosystem for the global financial world.

As Shane states: “When funders and investors can hold a project team accountable without having to trust them, the founder’s reputation doesn’t matter; only their capabilities and actions do.” And that’s why his team is committed to giving the crowdfunding industry a leading edge technology platform, equipped with everything issuers need to take their companies where they want it to go, including a blockchain based transaction engine which allows complete transparency for all. It’s called “Fundraising as a Service”.

Listen to the podcast first, then contact Shane by email here or visit his website for more information on this topic. Investors can email specifically to and those looking to raise capital can reach out at Do it today – and become part of the solution!

ABOUT OUR GUEST: Shane Liddell

Shane LiddellShane Liddell entered the exciting world of crowdfunding early in 2012, before anyone really knew what it was. Since then, he has rapidly become one of the top influencers and thought leaders in the crowdfunding space. He is a seasoned entrepreneur and CEO, whose knowledge and expertise of crowdfunding has allowed him to deliver campaigns for entrepreneurs, startups, corporations and filmmakers across the globe.

Shane previously served as the Executive Director of the Crowdfunding Professional Association (CFPA), personally attended the SEC Advisory Committee in Washington DC in the early days, and believes in staying on top of all things crowdfunding. He has provided support and guidance to over 1,000 crowdfunders, helping them raise millions of dollars with his strategic campaign development, consulting and marketing and promotion services. He is a straight-shooter whose advice and guidance is sought out by crowdfunders everywhere.

He has spent the past couple of years deep-diving into the very latest in Marketing, Automation, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and NLP technologies, and during the process has built solid relationships with some of the leading marketing minds in the world.

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