How to Become a REAL Opportunity Zone Expert

Despite being around for years now, the subject of Opportunity Zones continues to be confusing for many in the industry. With a “Grand Canyon” sized gap of resources, CEO David Sillaman and his Eazy OZ team decided to create a comprehensive educational program to teach people all aspects of the QOZ Marketplace with his Certified Opportunity Zone Advisor (COZA) Program. In this podcast, he explains how it all came to be, as well as all the other ways he is providing education and advocacy in the Opportunity Zones space.

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The opportunity zones program is certainly growing. But it is also very complex. There are many “business card experts” who claim to be knowledgeable in Opportunity Zones. Unfortunately, many of these Opportunity Zone Experts really are not. In fact, listening to some of these Experts may result with you getting into trouble with the IRS. That’s why everything regarding education and advocacy that David Sillaman has created is so important.

Now you have the opportunity to learn the Opportunity Zones program from A to Z! His brand new COZA (Certified Opportunity Zone Advisor) certification program is just the start. Once a candidate has completed the entire program, they then are listed at his OZ Pros website, where anyone can visit to find someone who absolutely knows what they’re talking about. In addition, he has created an OZ affiliate program to partner with his company to close deals and earn money.

Once you’ve learned it all, now what? That’s where Mr. Sillaman’s OZ Tool Kit comes in. Investor databases, information, demographics, key contacts, federal grant programs, family offices, institutions, endowment funds, a fund builder, a tax helper, a safe harbor plan builder… all this information and more is provided at this resource.

Plus he has created OZ Voices, The Opportunity Zones Club, OZ Funds, etc. The entire industry will never be the same! If you want to become well versed in all aspects of the Opportunity Zones industry, this podcast is invaluable to you! Listen to the entire interview first, then visit all the resources Dave has created and begin your journey to Opportunity Zones success as a true Opportunity Zones Authority!

ABOUT OUR GUEST: David Sillaman

David SillamanDavid Sillaman is the founder and chief executive officer of Eazy Do It Inc., an opportunity fund creation company based in Virginia Beach, Va. Eazy Do It works with clients to develop a structured turn-key solution for business owners, real estate development projects, high net worth individuals and family offices looking to set up an opportunity fund experience.

Recognized as a Top 10 OZ Influencer, Eazy Do It and one of the leaders in the Opportunity Fund Creation industry, David Sillaman is a member of the Forbes Real Estate Counsel. Eazy Do It Funds have been recognized by FinTek News, Business Insider, Market Insider, Senior Housing News & Silicon Review to name a few.

Mr. Sillaman is a frequent speaker at National Opportunity Zone Events, including the CDFA Florida Opportunity Zone Conference and past Opportunity Zone Expo Conferences. Eazy Do It has built a sixth of all the opportunity funds in the market space today, with a strong emphasis on business based opportunity funds.

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