Highclere Castle Gin’s Crowdfunding Campaign Allows Customers to Become Investors

Fans of the TV series Downton Abbey certainly know of Highclere Castle. But did you know there’s a crowdfund opportunity with gin made at those very grounds? In this podcast, Adam von Gootkin, the CEO and Co-Founder of Highclere Castle Gin, takes you through a journey of their crowdfunding process, including how he got started, why they chose Reg.CF crowdfunding to begin with, the steps involved in getting his deal listed on an investment portal, his marketing strategy, and the regulatory issues he faced throughout. Drink up, folks… you’re about to learn why being unique and authentic makes for a great story! (and why YOU can do it too!)

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Born from Highclere Castle (known globally as Downton Abbey”), renowned for its parties, and acclaimed for its taste, Highclere Castle Gin is one of the fastest growing and most awarded gins in the world. How did it get that way? Well, its unique and amazing story certainly has something to do with it. It’s a story that has made this gin available in more than 4,000 premium restaurants, hotels and liquor stores globally as well as being featured in such publications as Forbes, Fortune, Robb Report, and People Magazine.

But it’s much more than that. Highclere Castle Gin has quickly garnered 32 prestigious international gold awards to date becoming a leading super premium gin in the market. It is well on the way to becoming the most highly awarded gin in the world due to its commitment to quality, heritage and genuine authenticity. And in this podcast, you’ll learn from Mr. Von Gootkin exactly how it all came together, as well as how he and his team have navigated the entire Reg.CF process to make his deal available for crowdfund investment.

Now fans of the gin (and Downton Abbey) have the opportunity to invest in the future of the Highclere brand. By placing his deal on the WeFunder crowdfunding portal, investors can now participate in their Reg.CF raise by owning equity in the company. Plus, Adam goes over the finer points of the crowdfunding process, including how he valued his deal and why marketing is so crucial to success. CEOs, issuers, and business owners: take note!

Still today, Highclere plays host to many of the world’s foremost statesmen, scientists, celebrities and artists where the evening always begins with gin cocktails dating back to the 1920’s. But it takes a team for it all to come together! So if you want to become part of his success and would like more information, please visit Adam’s website at www.Highclerecastlegin.com or learn more about his crowdfunding opportunity at his listing on the WeFunder portal.

ABOUT OUR GUEST: Adam von Gootkin

Adam von GootkinA lifelong entrepreneur, Adam von Gootkin’s pedigree in the spirits industry dates back to his family’s distillery in the 1800s, while his lineage as a risk-taker can be traced directly to his great grandfather’s Prohibition-era speakeasy on the Connecticut River.

An entrepreneur is, by definition, a risk-taker. Over a century later, Adam has more than a decade in the spirits industry and brought his family’s legacy into the next generation by co-founding Onyx Spirits Co., an award-winning craft distillery offering America’s first ultra-premium moonshine and New England’s first whiskey.

In 2015, his nationally released book Living Proof: Onyx Moonshine’s Journey to Revive the American Spirit, chronicled his unique approach to traditional business principles. After successfully building Connecticut’s first distillery in over 100 years, Adam’s next venture would take him from the Connecticut coast to the rolling grasslands of the English countryside and to one of the most famous homes in the world. Partnering with the Earl and Countess of Carnarvon, the owners of Highclere Castle (known to millions of fans around the world as the home in the award-winning tv series and motion picture, Downton Abbey). In 2017, Adam co-founded the Highclere Castle Cigars Company, produced with world-renowned cigar blender Nicholas Melillo in Nicaragua. The cigar went on to win many awards, with the brand rapidly expanding throughout the US, UK and mainland Europe.

Highclere Castle Spirits joined the budding empire the following year, in keeping with Adam’s commitment to creating hyper-authentic prestige brands with deep roots. In 2019, the award-winning Highclere Castle Gin became the first of a super-premium line of spirits made from the oats and botanicals grown on Highclere Castle Estate, specifically, lavender planted by the Bishops of Winchester in the 9th century. The exceptionally smooth London Dry Gin has been released throughout the UK, US with several EU countries.

Adam has been featured on Bloomberg, Forbes, Fortune, NBC, and many other leading media platforms. Adam is committed to building ultra-luxury, distinctly authentic brands rooted in the uniqueness of their terrior and provenance; a celebration of history, authenticity, and irreplaceable pedigree.

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