The Confusion of Blockchain, Bitcoin, Crypto, NFTs, and Tokens in the Energy Market

If you’re confused about Blockchain, Bitcoin, Crypto, and Tokens, you won’t be after you listen to Alastair Caithness on this podcast. The CEO of Ziyen and Energy Tokens not only demystifies these terms, but also explains in simple terms how he is providing a platform for tokenizing productive energy assets using permission-based blockchain technology, thereby creating a liquid market for previously illiquid investments, in other words, it’s a brand new era for trading energy assets!

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Warning: Blockchain and the Web 3.0 is here – and like the internet in 1995, you better get used to it! And with it comes crowdfunding capability like never before. Energy Tokens (ET) is a complete solution trading platform using Blockchain enabled technology to acquire, hold and transfer direct interests in energy producing assets, including oil/gas and solar/wind. In order to understand what that means in real life, you have to understand the nuances and differences between blockchain technology itself and the various terms and applications it allows – especially with regards to tokens.

That is exactly what Mr. Caithness does on this podcast. From bitcoin, to stablecoins, to NFTs, to crypto, to the mining process in general, you’ll learn it all! What impact will tokenization have on the entire oil and gas industry? Well, for starters, it provides liquidity for investments, and everything flows from that. But the key point is adoption of this technology to everyday investors and issuers, and that takes time. (It will also help for you to join the Tokenization Nation to keep up with the latest on the topic).

Want a crash course? Listen to the many other episodes where Alastair has been a guest on the podcast, then contact him at his websites at and/or with any questions, comments, or further info on the projects he is working on.

ABOUT OUR GUEST: Alastair Caithness

Alastair CaithnessAlastair Caithness based out of San Diego is a recognized leader in the development of asset-backed, blockchain tokens. Originally from Scotland, Caithness is CEO of Ziyen Energy, a technology-driven company focused on the tokenization of energy infrastructure assets. Ziyen Energy currently owns interests in various energy assets throughout the United States. Under his leadership, in 2019 Ziyen Energy launched ZiyenCoin, an energy infrastructure token utilizing blockchain technology as a catalyst to facilitate the transition in energy from carbon-based fuels to renewable energy.

In 2020 Caithness was appointed as Chief Blockchain Policy Advisor for the Libertarian Party to develop a future economy based on digital assets through tokenization of the government’s assets/substantial resources into a usable currency which will be distributed to all American citizens. This distribution will level the economic playing field for all Americans and will serve as a form of reparations and basic income for US citizens who have struggled to achieve economic liberty. Caithness monetary policy is referred to as Tokenized Asset Distributions, not Universal Basic Income, with the concept of developing a future crypto-based economy, which he believes could finance a level of free healthcare, free education, and a form of basic income, at a scale that has never before been seen.

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