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If you’re an issuer thinking of doing a crowdfunding campaign, you better make sure you have a solid marketing budget because marketing is not cheap. However, that’s not to say there aren’t plenty of low-cost marketing options and strategies out there. In this podcast, Howard Sherman from Crowdfund Buzz provides some tips and resources startups and businesses of all sizes can use to propel their marketing efforts into overdrive – without hiring a high-priced fancy marketing agency!

Listen to “How to Do Inexpensive Marketing for your Crowdfunding Campaign” on Spreaker.

We say it often: Laying out your marketing plan and implementing it BEFORE your crowdfunding launch is of upmost importance! But most campaigns don’t even get out of the starting gate because they ignore their marketing budget. And why? Because marketing is so expensive and companies are afraid to foot the cost. However, if you’re confident of the viability of your product and truly believe your company is worth it, then the best advice you can get is “put your money where your mouth is” and start spending the necessary money to put your deal in front of investors in the best possible light.

But as Mr. Sherman mentions on the podcast, that doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. Listen as he explains many of the low-cost options and strategies you can use to inspire confidence in your potential investors. Investors want to know what you’re doing and they want to be sure you are for real. And why are you raising money in the first place? Investors want to know that too. Public relations… SEO… Blogging… Website development… it’s all covered here. Remember: “Content” is king!

If there’s one huge takeaway from this podcast it’s this: do not overlook or ignore marketing! And when you’re done with this podcast, you’ll have learned many of the inexpensive tools for crowdfunding success (and maybe have saved tens of thousands of dollars from the information you just heard). Questions? Comments? You can contact Howard at 1-833-276-9377 (1-833-CROWDPR) or visit his website at

ABOUT OUR GUEST: Howard Sherman

Howard ShermanHoward has a hands-on philosophy working directly with clients on crowdfunding promotion and public relations as well as all the ordinary day-to-day operations of CrowdFundBuzz.Com. He is a proud member of the Public Relations Society of America and strictly adheres to the PRSA code of ethics in everything he do.

Howard took over the reins from company founder Matt Cooke in November 2013. He has studied under marketing Grandmaster Dan Kennedy (AKA The Millionaire Maker) earning the title of “Associate Professor of Harsh Reality”. Howard and his plain spoken No B.S. approach to crowdfunding PR, business, and life will vastly improve your chances of crowdfunding success. He has also learned extensively with copywriting legend John Carlton and has successfully sold products and services via the web for over 25 years. Howard has also learned directly from sales training legends Tom Hopkins and Brian Tracy empowering him with an extensive array of sales, marketing and technical skills to help crowdfunders close the deal on more backers. Speaking of education, Howard holds degrees in management & accounting. All told Howard is a business world powerhouse.

One of Howard’s greatest superpowers is his ability to observe, think and strategize. Howard is proud to be a research contributor to The University of Cambridge’s Judge Business School and Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business on the subjects of fintech and crowdfunding. Howard is also proud to be the only crowdfunding public relations professional to hold IMDB film credits. One of his biggest thrills is seeing a client succeed.

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