Tips on Building Trust with Your Crowdfunding Investors

Everyone needs something. And the truth is in today’s world (and with the advent of the JOBS Act), it has never been easier to raise capital. So why do so many businesses fail in that regard? It’s all about trust. In this podcast, Dr. Donald Moine, the President of the Association of Human Achievement provides real-world tips and tools that crowdfunding issuers can use to be more persuasive and better build trust with their potential investors. Remember: when you have earned the trust of your investor, they are more likely to cut that check out to you (and again… and again… and again… etc.) If you’re an issuer seeking to raise money using Reg.A, Reg.D, Reg.CF, or ANY crowdfunding vehicle for that matter, you’re going to find this podcast useful and informative.

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The importance of building trust can not be emphasized enough. Yes, today’s world is a great time to raise money, but it’s obviously not easy to do so. The key is being authentic and believable. And that’s the start of building trust. Pitchdecks are great, but many contain red flags if they’re not constructed properly. As Dr. Moine mentions on the podcast, the real question facing many issuers is whether or not they actually have a great business idea that is truly investable in the first place. If you’re trying to build a real business and not just a hobby, you’ve got to talk to people and advisors who will tell you the truth and if the truth is painful, listening to this podcast will give you some pointers on how to pivot by doing a deep dive analysis. Some call it “tough love”.

Regardless, focusing on the main benefits of your deal is a great start. But heed Dr. Moine’s advice: make sure you have the proper amount of cash to see the whole process through because the cause of most crowdfunding failure is due to lack of funding resulting from poor number-crunching estimates.

If you have any questions or comments about anything mentioned on this show, Dr. Moine can be reached at his website at or connect with him on LinkedIn. In addition, check out his “Raising Money Reg A D C and More†group on LinkedIn as well.

ABOUT OUR GUEST: Dr. Donald Moine

Dr. Donald Moine is a Sales and Marketing Psychologist and Fund-Raising Consultant.

He is a well-known Sales and Marketing Psychologist who works with entrepreneurs, business owners, financial advisors, brokers, attorneys and consultants to help companies raise the capital they need to fund their growth and expansion.

Dr. Moine is the author or co-author of a number of breakthrough books on sales, marketing and persuasion strategies using neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), mesmerizing selling techniques, invisible scripting and unique selling propositions.

For five years, Donald wrote the popular column “Practice Building” for Morningstar Advisor, which had more than 52,000 subscribers. In his nearly 100 articles, Dr. Moine shared powerful cutting-edge strategies for rapidly growing a business.

Early in his career, Dr. Moine worked on Wall Street training stockbrokers and financial advisors on The Psychology of Selling. It was at that time that Dr. Moine started helping companies raise money to fund their growth.

After working on Wall Street, Donald started consulting with Fortune 500 companies. His clients have ranged from ADP, AT&T to General Motors to Merrill Lynch to Zurich Life Insurance and many more.

Dr. Moine has also worked with and consulted with dozens of smaller companies and has helped entrepreneurs grow small companies into $50 million + enterprises. He has worked with clients around the world and today has clients in the United States, Canada, Singapore and Brazil. Dr. Moine has helped businesses raise more than $500 million to fund their growth. He is based in Palos Verdes, California. You can connect with Dr. Donald Moine on LinkedIn or reach him by email at

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