Ignoring Blockchain Governance is a Recipe for Disaster

Bugs happen, problems arise, and unforeseen events rear their heads at some point in the life of every business. Now enter blockchain and the uncertainty potential can skyrocket. In this podcast, Thomas Cox, the Chief Governance Officer at Strongblock.io and the “Godfather of Governance” explains why it is so important to have a blockchain governance strategy set up from the very beginning to anticipate problems and address mechanisms that ensure collaborative solutions that are effective and efficient – and learn how his company is on-ramping universally available and enterprise-grade blockchains by making them easy to configure, launch, observe, and most importantly, scale!

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Without governance, you cannot scale. Period. And many people are ignoring this vitally important aspect when discussing blockchain and security token offerings. Technology is changing at lightning speeds and with that comes the potential for many business development issues. How will these be addressed and dealt with? As Mr. Cox mentions on the podcast, the governance process is how you steer the ship through the murky waters of unanticipated problems. With the proper governance in place, you’re able to face the unknown and find a legitimate way to make decisions and implement blockchain solutions. Without a process of trust, the system falls apart. The moral of the story: don’t neglect governance! And remember, StrongBlock’s Marketplace brings together the best DApps and services from their partners to help you build blockchain solutions. With their revolutionary blockchain platform, you can go from account registration to running your own blockchain in minutes. Try it for yourself by creating a free account at the StrongBlock.io website.


Thomas CoxThomas Cox is Chief Governance Officer at StrongBlock and has spent over two years working on issues of blockchain governance. Mr. Cox was an invitee to the Wharton Crypto Governance Workshop (July 2019) and serves on the IEEE Blockchain Standards committee. He worked previously for Block.one, IBM, PwC, and Oracle Corp.

One of the first certified Oracle DBAs, Mr. Cox is the author of the Low Administration Oracle Specification, the Oracle DBA Checklist, the DBA Maturity Model, and many other white papers and articles, and of The Oracle Workgroup Server Handbook.

He ran for Governor of the state of Oregon in 2002. Mr. Cox holds a BA in Behavioral Sciences from the University of Chicago.

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