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When you’re ready to make an important investing decision, trusting your gut is important. But what if you had access to data that can help you make that decision more confidently? With all the Opportunity Zone projects and funds popping up each day, how do investors know where to put their deferred capital gains tax money? Listen to this podcast episode where Stefan Schimenes, the CEO at InvestReal, explains how his company is using data-driven technology to match investors with solid opportunity zone projects nationwide.

Listen to “InvestReal Provides a Data-Driven Marketplace for Opportunity Zone Investments” on Spreaker.

As fans of the QOZ Marketplace and listeners of the Mapable USA crowdfunding podcast already know, investing in Opportunity Zones contributes to the development of low-income communities across the nation by providing investors with the ability to defer their capital gains taxes by investing in Qualified Opportunity Zone Funds. InvestReal uses artificial intelligence to add value to both investors and developers by supporting decision making with high-quality data and trends.

Real estate developers and QOZ Fund managers use the InvestReal platform to raise capital for their opportunity zone projects from a large pool of qualified investors who register on the InvestReal website with their long-term investment requirements and needs. As Mr. Schimenes notes on the podcast, his company provides the advanced analytics to support investment decisions with intelligent data on the verified Opportunity Zone developers showcased on the platform. By registering on the system, investors can get access to the best real estate projects across the country, as well as getting access to unique insights about Opportunity Zones to learn how to make those intelligent investment decisions that make Opportunity Zones such an attractive investment – and learn how the Opportunity Zones Authority is vetting these QOZ Funds as well!

Interested in more info? You can contact Stefan by email here, or click here to visit the InvestReal website for details and to sign up.

ABOUT OUR GUEST: Stefan Schimenes

Stefan SchimenesStefan Schimenes is the CEO and founder of InvestReal, a data-driven real estate marketplace that connects developers looking to raise capital for Opportunity Zone projects with investors. The platform also has a robust data analytics component, and utilizes machine learning to help users with research and informed decision making.

Often referred to as a serial entrepreneur, Stefan has a passion for reinvigorating static industries with technology. He has founded several successful startups in Latin America and the US. Additionally, Stefan is no stranger to the concept of disrupting real estate through online marketplaces. When he was the Managing Director of Airbnb in Latin America, he catapulted the company from an unknown brand to the market leader in the region’s hospitality industry. His efforts were integral to helping Airbnb becoming one of the most valuable startups in the world, worth an estimated $31B.

Stefan earned his BA in International Relations from Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado, and an MBA from Fundação Dom Cabral. In his personal time, Stefan works to impact social good on both a local and global scale. He is an active volunteer at his community church, and has participated in relief projects in Africa and South America

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