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When one thinks of Opportunity Zones, most consider it a form of real estate crowdfunding where QOZ Funds make investments to develop real estate to improve distressed communities. But there’s a business investment component with Opportunity Zones investing as well. In this podcast, we spoke with Local Grown Salads president Zale Tabakman, who explained how his patent pending system for creating organic mixed salads is revolutionizing the food industry with his vertical farming concepts – and why his i95 OZF fund makes Local Grown Salads a perfect fit for Opportunity Zone locations.

Listen to “Local Grown Salads Provides an Urban Farming Opportunity Zones Investment Option into the Vertical Farming Sector” on Spreaker.

Indoor Vertical Farming is an innovation in its infancy, but can it fulfill the dream of Opportunity Zones? The concept of urban farming allows food to be grown in a warehouse located anywhere, making it a very interesting investment option. When you take the potential of vertical farming and combine it into an Opportunity Zone investment, you can see clearly why the future of Local Grown Salads is so bright. Launched in 2013, Local Grown Salads is an agriculture and technology company. With a mission to “Feed The World Healthy Food”, they are developing a line of self-contained farming units to make it easier than ever to farm in urban settings, and grow their own produce for sale to commercial, restaurant and retail clientele and in this podcast, Mr. Tabakman explains the steps he’s taking to make this all a success.

If you’d like more information on Local Grown Salads or their Opportunity Zone Fund, send Zale an email or visit his website here.

ABOUT OUR GUEST: Zale Tabakman

Zale TabakmanZale Tabakman is the president of Local Grown Salads. For Zale, Local Grown Salads is very personal quest. Zale’s goal is to feed the world delicious healthy food. He comes by this desire as a father of five and a grandfather of five and he gets around by bicycle. (While he loves salads – his favorite foods are French fries and popcorn).

Zale has designed both the business model and the Patent Pending growing technology. Zale has been teaching Cash Flow and Sales for several years to new Canadians in a government sponsored entrepreneurial program. He taught young people for five years at YMCA Youth Entrepreneurial Program.

In 1997, Zale won the North York Entrepreneur of the Year award. He has a degree in Computer Science from the University of Western Ontario.

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    I would like to receive more info , I have started a small farm , my property is not big,I believe that the idea of vertical farming will be a very good idea.
    I would like to if possible with your assistance start this concept in the Seychelles because our farm land is very limited .

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