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There’s tremendous money in the Sports industry. There’s no doubt about that. But there’s so much more that goes into the development of athletes, both on the field and off. Now, there’s a way for them to monetize their brand and truly connect with their fans in a unique (and possibly profitable) manner. In this podcast, States Developmental Football League and GFX Executive Garrick Jones explains how Horizon-Fintex’s “Global Fan Exchange” (GFX) provides fans with an opportunity to own an equity stake in the success of their favorite athletes and teams. With approximately 46 million fantasy sports fans out there, this is truly a game changer that can provide both athletes and investors with a new path to generational wealth!

Listen to “New Sports Platform Allows Fans to Invest in Their Favorite Athletes and Sports Stars” on Spreaker.

GFX offers an end-to-end funding and fan engagement solution facilitating equity investments into a portion of athletes’ future contract earnings. Leveraging crowdfunding, athletes sell their own brand of GFX securities to fans wishing to invest in their future. With the success of an offering, athletes receive funds immediately and fans receive dollar dividends based solely on athletic performance. There’s no better way for an athlete to leverage their following, create fan engagement, and monetize their own brand – and it’s all based on technology that is completely compliant with all SEC regulations and requirements!

Now fans can engage directly with their favorite athletes. The process is simple: invest in your favorite professional athletes; receive dividends tied to the athlete’s contract income; then trade your holdings with other sports fans around the world when the secondary market is ready. It’s all done on the GFX app.

Mr. Jones’ “States Development Football League” is different from other leagues with their 70/30 rule. 70% of the SDFL’s focus is on education, personal development, business acumen, financial literacy, entrepreneurship, and influencing which leads to monetization of personal brands, and most importantly community/economic development. The other 30% of their focus is on the physical aspects of game play which brings people from all ethnic backgrounds together for a common cause. By giving athletes a league of their own, they have the opportunity to be able to take care of their families financially for life with a true system of education, entrepreneurship, and the sport of football which teaches athletes life skills that will serve them well after the final whistle blows on their football careers.

The GFX and are actively recruiting U.S. and international athletes to offer their branded securities to all eligible fans, 18 or over. It’s time to turn fans into investors. The future of sports is now! Are you ready? Hashtag #GJ4GM for more information.

ABOUT OUR GUEST: Garrick Jones

Garrick JonesGarrick Jones is a veteran of three professional football leagues. He played 4 seasons in the National Football League, as well as 4 seasons in the Canadian Football League.

Garrick is a proven leader with the qualities of a battle tested leader on and off the field. He is Commissioner of SDFL, a new developmental football program with a focus on education, personal development, business acumen, financial literacy, entrepreneurship, and influence. He is also President of the Huddle Up Foundation of Houston, responsible for developing athlete initiatives surrounding financial literacy, social justice reform, and community development.

Additionally, Garrick currently sits on the Board of Directors for the NFL Player’s Association-Houston Chapter and the Advisory Board for IMPACT Sports LLC, a company focused on the development of concussion reducing helmets for all athletes.

About Global Fan Exchange:

Horizon Sports X, LLC, doing business as Global Fan Exchange, is a sports platform for fans to invest and trade shares tied to a portion of athletes and teams’ income streams. Led by established sports leaders, GFX will mobilize a global sports fan base with the recruitment of U.S. professional athletes in NFL, MLB, NBA, and NHL along with international athletes and teams.

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