Redevelopment, Investments, Real Estate, Business, Relocation … Where Else But Henderson?

Demographics drive investment destinations for real estate. And from residential and business relocation, commercial development, right down to Opportunity Zone projects, significant investments are taking place in Henderson, Nevada. In this podcast, Anthony Molloy, the Redevelopment Manager of the City of Henderson Redevelopment Agency, takes you through the status of some of the many redevelopment projects that are making people from all areas take notice that Henderson has arrived! It’s no wonder why an entire website has been developed to promote what’s going on in Henderson and help people learn how they can take advantage of all the opportunities that exist there right now!

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As mentioned on a previous podcast, Henderson certainly has it all, and as you can tell by listening to this podcast, redevelopment in the area is booming. For example, Lifeguard Arena in downtown Henderson on Water Street is the new home of the Henderson Silver Knights hockey franchise, and has become the game changer for the entire area. Then there’s Lake Las Vegas (an oasis in the desert) as well as the entire Cadence master planned community which showcases new homes ranging from ultra-luxury all the way to first time home buyers. All along the area you see ground floor developments and mixed use projects breaking ground for multifamily and student housing, breweries, coffee shops, warehouse properties, medical facilities, golf courses, and even a new airport! In fact many downtown redevelopment projects are located in Opportunity Zones and are using QOZ Funds to fund their development.

In addition to all this, the City boasts incentives to assist businesses and individuals that want to relocate or expand into the area. This is where Anthony and his entire team excels! Google, Amazon, Home Depot, FedEx, the Las Vegas Raiders, and many more major (and minor) companies have already said YES to Henderson. Why? Because it’s Las Vegas without being in Las Vegas! And despite setbacks with Covid, business owners seem to have a positive attitude for the future of the entire area with all its economic diversification.

Are you interested in relocating and perhaps buying a home to take advantage of living in this lifestyle? Do you have a development or business that would like to come into Henderson? If you have any questions or what like to know how you can get involved in some of the redevelopment projects going on in Henderson, Mr. Molloy can be contacted by phone directly at 702-267-1511 or you can visit the Water Street District website at or the City of Henderson’s website at

ABOUT OUR GUEST: Anthony Molloy

Anthony J. MolloyAnthony J. Molloy, AICP: Mr. Molloy has worked for the City of Henderson Redevelopment Agency since 2007 and is the Interim Redevelopment Manager. He is also the current President of the Redevelopment Association of Nevada. In his role at the City of Henderson, he manages the Agency operated business recruitment and retention incentive programs, is the liaison between the City and business community, and negotiates the sale of Redevelopment Agency owned property for future development. Mr. Molloy is a member of the American Institute of Certified Planners and holds a Master of Science degree from Brigham Young University.

Prior to working in Henderson, Mr. Molloy worked as a Principal Planner at Clark County in the Comprehensive Planning Department. In this role, he focused primarily on projects of regional significance in the resort corridor. Mr. Molloy, who is originally from Australia, has over 20 years of public sector experience working in City Planning and Redevelopment in the United States.

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