Why Major Industries will be Disrupted by Blockchain

Remember the days before the internet? Most people didn’t really know what it was or what potential it held. Fast forward, and it has completely changed the world. In this podcast, Sydney Armani – the Founder/CEO of Fintech World – explains why blockchain may be the next huge disrupter in just about every industry and how the entire process works, from tokenization with Security Token Offerings… to liquidity… to banking… to accessing crypto via a private key enabled e-wallet. After listening to this podcast, you’ll see exactly why blockchain technology is transparent, immutable, and certainly here to stay.

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Like many other great inventions, blockchain actually came about by accident. But what’s not an accident is how significant the future can be using this technology across a variety of sectors, with FinTech especially poised for great things. Financial technology, also known as FinTech, is an industry composed of companies that use new technology and innovation with available resources in order to compete in the marketplace of traditional financial institutions and intermediaries in the delivery of financial services.

Mr. Armani’s “Fintech World” is an online platform that features pertinent articles on recent issues and directions in the finance industry. The articles are from the financial field, providing profound insights into topics that really matter today. The contents deal broadly with specialist perspectives on the vast possibilities technology offers for the financial and end-to-end sectors. Fintech World should be your top choice if you are looking for a source for up-to-date fintech news. However, the concepts on how blockchain works are applicable to all facets of business. That’s why you have to heed the fundamental tenet of this podcast, adopt the blockchain fundamentals, and don’t be afraid of this new technology!

The big takeaway is that blockchain is a safe and secure streamlining technology. If you work in any sector as a “middleman” of something, you’re probably going to be in for an unpleasant surprise. You’ve been warned…

ABOUT OUR GUEST: Sydney Armani

Sydney ArmaniSydney Armani has more than twenty-five years experience in Silicon Valley, active in the community as an entrepreneur as well as an investor.

Sydney’s vision and expertise for starting and managing innovative companies have sparked and nurtured the great success of Hello Net (a mobile telephony appliance service), Minitel, and Videotex (an online first-generation of touchscreen tablets).

He has been an active keynote speaker and moderator at conferences and plenary sessions on Blockchain, Technology, Real Estate crowd finance, Cryptocurrency capital, and digital markets, secondary liquidity, disruption in banking and a host of other topics. He has lectured at major universities such as Georgetown, NYU, Hult International Business School, Beijing, VIA Technologies, PARIS. while authoring articles for or being interviewed by INC Magazine, Housing Wire, Forbes, Fortune, The Economist, CNBC, Bloomberg and others.

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