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As the Opportunity Zones industry progresses forward, many are trying to enter the market in a variety of ways. As such, many changes are on the horizon and new legislature (like the HR164 bill) is constantly being proposed. However, many questions remain – especially with respect to Opportunity Zone Funds. These funds are self-certified, so how do you know who is behind these entities and how do you know which ones are reputable and vetted correctly? Listen to crowdfund attorney Mark Roderick of the lawfirm of Flaster Greenberg as he gives his take on what’s going on in the market, and why the Opportunity Zone Authority may have the solution to provide investor confidence in the OZ Funds that are available to all investors seeking deferral of their capital gains taxes.

Listen to “Investor Confidence : Announcing the Opportunity Zones Authority” on Spreaker.

Find an opportunity zone… self certify… develop a project… that’s how easy it is to start your own Opportunity Zone Fund. There’s no background checks, no red tape and no time-consuming government involvement. But beware, some people may start a fund even if they are not eligible. And, it is very possible that someone who thought they would qualify for the tax advantages maybe really isn’t. Plus, unless you create the fund yourself, how do you know which Fund to invest in and which Fund is good or bad? The Opportunity Zones Authority was created to address that problem. When a fund is certified by the Opportunity Zones Authority, you can be assured that all the proper due diligence has been done to ensure the fund is for real, has real people with verified experience behind it, and has all the proper documentation to make their fund and the projects within that fund investable. In this podcast, find out why Mr. Roderick thinks that for some, Opportunity Zones investing may be a better option than a traditional 1031 exchange, why he sees a need for such a certification, and much more! Questions? Comments? You can contact him by email or at 856.661.2265 – and don’t forget to read his blog and subscribe for some really great info on crowdfunding!

ABOUT OUR GUEST: Mark Roderick

Mark Roderick is a very “boring” corporate and securities lawyer at Flaster Greenberg PC in Cherry Hill, NJ. Since the JOBS Act of 2012, he has spent all of his time in the Crowdfunding space and today is one of the leading Crowdfunding and Fintech lawyers in the United States.

He writes this widely read blog which provides readers with a wealth of legal and practical information for portals and issuers. He also speaks at Crowdfunding events across the country, and represents industry participants across the country and around the world. He can be reached by email or at 856.661.2265.

All information provided is for informational purposes only. This information is not intended as legal or investment advice for anyone to make an investment in any one particular company and is not intended for any companies to rely on this information to form an opinion to go public or not to go public or to do any type of offering of securities. You must check with a securities attorney to find out if an offering is for you, or if you are going to be in the business of selling any type of securities, you need to make sure you are following your state and federal legislative law so you do not get into any troubles. Do not use the opinions as stated on this show as any way to form an opinion as what is wrong or right or what could be done for your business or as an investor.