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Sometimes, the most interesting Opportunity Zone projects are located in rural, rather than urban areas. In this podcast, best selling author, speaker and CEO, Jim White explains how his PHT Opportunity Fund is investing in agricultural related real estate and businesses including his pre-cooling and cold storage industrial project in Salinas, California – and why he believes Opportunity Zones are one of the noblest initiatives to emerge from Washington in years!

Listen to “PHT Opportunity Zones Fund is Bringing Manufacturing Back to Rural USA” on Spreaker.

The PHT Opportunity Fund is a Qualified Opportunity Fund that makes strategic investments in QOZ communities. Their team acquires companies, real estate and other assets in a variety of industries providing long-term, sustainable growth to QOZ communities and companies. and their investment projects are designed to deliver competitive returns to investors and stakeholders.

As you’ll learn while listening to the podcast, Mr. White knows how to structure deals and is no stranger to opening successful businesses. And despite coronavirus, he sees a great future for both the Opportunity Zones industry in general.

Heed the insights from the man who literally wrote the book on Opportunity Zones investing: How to Revitalize Urban and Rural Communities with Opportunity Funds: invest in asset classes you are comfortable with and do your due diligence! And most of all, remember his quote: “Don’t tell me what you’re going to do – do it, and then show me!”


Get more information on his Salinas project by downloading the pitch-deck for his Campus Acquisition and Redevelopment Project or visiting the PHT Opportunity Zone website at


Jim WhiteJim White, PhD is Chairman and CEO of Post Harvest Technologies, Inc. and Growers Ice Company, Inc., Founder and CEO of PHT Opportunity Fund LP, and Founder and President of JL White International, LLC.

He holds a BS in civil engineering, an MBA, and a doctorate in psychology and organizational behavior. He acquires struggling businesses to revive and develop them into profitable enterprises using his proprietary business turnaround strategy. To date, he has generated more than $1.8 billion in revenue.

Jim also is the bestselling author of several books, including Opportunity Investing: How to Revitalize Urban and Rural Communities with Opportunity Funds, which launched March 31, 2020. It is a heartfelt rallying cry for investors to invest in Qualified Opportunity Zones, that is, the thousands of distressed communities nationwide that suffer from unemployment, crime, drugs, poverty, and failing infrastructure. Investing through Qualified Opportunity Funds, such as PHT Opportunity Fund, gives investors a unique tax break and a chance to channel critical funds to the people who need it most.

His newest book, The Next Big Thing in Politics, is due out September 9, 2020.

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