Regulation A Crowdfunding in the Education / Training Industry

Due diligence is crucial when you’re trying to raise money. In this podcast, Tom Schenck – the CEO of Co-optrade – provides some tips and advice on how his educational/training company is navigating a sometimes confusing Regulation A crowdfunding landscape – and describes his experiences and “playbook” with laying the foundations of a successful crowdfunding raise.

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Crowdfunding across all industries continues to grow. Training in the educational marketplace is no exception. With hundreds of schools closing every year, Tom Schenck and his Co-optrade company are addressing this problem with online sales training and “micro videos” in order to promote aggressive and effective sales strategies to admissions officers at all these at-risk schools. And now that he’s taking the next step into the Regulation A+ world, he’s giving you some insightful tips and advice as you listen to this podcast.

Learn about why “sales” and “marketing” are so different animals. In addition, he explains his thought process on a variety of crowdfunding issues, from why chose crowdfunding to begin with, the steps necessary and the players involved to take your company public, the use of pitchdecks, why investor relations is so important, the significance of the many crowdfunding platform options, why you need to take control of your own database, and perhaps most importantly: why doing your own due diligence and constant marketing are so important for the overall success of your capital raise (and your business itself!)

If you’re going to do crowdfunding, realize that you’re going to spend money – significant money. You may as well spend it the correct way and realize you’re going to have to work it hard to be successful. Remember: education changes lives!

Questions? Comments? Tom can be reached by phone at 717-538-6000 or by email here. By following the advice given in this podcast, perhaps you’re ready to get started with your own Regulation A+ raise?


Tom SchenckTom Schenck is the CEO of Co-optrade. A serial entrepreneur, he received his graduate degree from Dartmouth College. He had 30 years of success in recruiting students and running private schools, and for 10 years earned the top 1% ranking in national corporate advertising sales before taking the helm at Co-optrade.

His success is driven by his mother’s legacy of love and tenacity to make the world better through education. As the oldest of seven she raised Tom and his siblings while teaching underprivileged students for 30 years. All the while working as a waitress for extra money and earning her master’s degree in counseling at night. 20 years ago he started the Mary Elizabeth Schenck Educational Fund, a foundation in her honor to support middle school students and teachers… A portion of company profits support the foundation.

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