Sky Limit Energy Illustrates the Entire Regulation A Crowdfunding Process

More and more issuers are considering Regulation A as a crowdfunding vehicle to raise capital for their companies and this trend shows no signs of slowing down. The question for most is: how do you do it and what does the process involve? In this podcast, Mike Brette from Small Cap Equity Advisors answers this question and much more using his client (Mark Senelath, the CEO of Sky Limit Venture Corp.) as an example of a Reg.A deal from the beginning concept to the actual offering. After listening to this podcast, perhaps you’ll gain the confidence and knowledge you need to realize Reg.A may be right for you too!

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Reg.A is hot and shows no signs of cooling os the perfect vehicle for small to medium size businesses to raise capital from accredited and non-accredited investors. But it is a process and it can also be time consuming too. However, it’s also well worthwhile as long as you have the right team in place to take you public, and avoid what Mr. Brette calls “dead money”.

In Mr. Senelath’s scenario, that’s certainly true. His Sky Limit Venture company is a one-stop energy shop for residential and commercial properties including solar installation, electrical EV, roofing, and general building. As evidenced by the information provided in this podcast, it’s clearr that he’s on the right track by utilizing the expertise of Mike Brette, who provides a one-stop shop for Regulation A success, including legal, accounting, marketing, edgar, auditing, etc all under one roof.

For would-be Regulation A issuers, many have the same concerns: What are the reporting requirements for a Regulation A offering and why go Tier 2? What’s the timeframe for a Reg.A? How much will it cost? How do you value shares? Fear not! The answers to all these questions are contained in this podcast, plus you’ll hear directly from Mr. Senelath as he takes you through his entire process and highlights all the challenging instances he faced as well as the ups and downs and what parts were easy and which were difficult. The good news is once the Reg.A process is done, it’s done: then it’s just a matter of maintaining it.

Ready to get going? You can reach Mike Brette by phone at 951-236-8473, by email here, or you can visit his website at In addition, Mark Senelath can be contacted directly by phone at 626-434-9606 or by sending him an email. You can also visit for more information on Sky Limit Energy. Remember: No need to be afraid of Reg.A when you have the resources and stories highlighted on this podcast as your “go-to” motivation!

ABOUT OUR GUESTS: Mark Senelath and Mike Brette

Mark Senelath

Mark Senelath is the founder, contractor, and CEO of Sky Limit Venture Corp.

His background has always been an entrepreneur mindset driven by innovation through an engineer lens. Every career path involved working with his hands to make things better than it originally was. It all started when he was young, he would dismantle toys and reassemble them, whether it worked or not he was determined to always find a way to make it better. His past career path included retail, sales, auto mechanic and had few unsuccessful small businesses, but persistence and focus always triumph his failures. As a result, being an electrician by trade exposed him to the construction field and now his passion for renewable energy.

His focus involves strategic business decisions while growing the company in the renewable space in conjunction with providing exceptional customer service and creating an open work environment. His knowledge in the business side and technical side are his key traits in the company’s success while having visibility of all operational activities.

He actively holds four California licenses for solar, electrical, roofing, and general building as a strategic move to offer a one stop shop solution for customers. His licenses allow flexibility and agility to execute his vision through renewable energy that is in alignment with Elon Musk’s vision to convert automobiles, households and as much industry as possible from fossil fuels to sustainable energy.

On a personal note, Mark is passionate with fast cars and motorcycles. He is constantly learning and growing every moment by reading, listening to audio books and expanding his network through social forums. Most say, he is addicted to self-growth and learning.

Mike Brette

Mike BretteMichael N. Brette, J.D. advises clients on a wide variety of transactional business matters from startup consulting, Equity Crowdfunding, 506(c) private placement, REG A+ offerings, capital formation, going public, arranging capital for publicly traded companies.

Mr. Brette has published two books Asset Protection Planning and Raising Capital For Your Business ( Amazon ). He has appeared on more than 450 TV and radio shows discussing various business and financial topics. He has a Juris Doctor ( law degree ) for 42 years and is listed in Who’s Who in the World and Who’s Who in Industry & Finance.


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