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Blockchain technology is real and it has the potential to disrupt every industry imaginable. But what is it exactly and how will it reach its potential? In this podcast, Alejandro Laplana, the CEO of Shokworks explains how he’s building companies and taking them to the next level through the use of blockchain solutions such as asset tokenization, custom apps, virtual/augmented reality, artificial intelligence, and intelligent algorithms focused on the internet of things (IOT). Believe it: blockchain is certainly here to stay!

Listen to “Building Companies on the Blockchain” on Spreaker.

Like the internet, the blockchain is the backbone on which all these solutions rely. But who builds the blockchain? Shokworks does (for one) and they have already created an impressive portfolio of blockchain companies. They create the programs on the blockchain that perform the tasks that are actually doing the disruption. As Mr. Laplana mentions on the podcast, his Shokworks company delivers custom software development, technology outsourcing and IT consulting services to global startups and enterprise companies looking to embrace digital transformation.

Listen to this podcast to learn how the blockchain democratizes access to investment deals for non-traditional actors, how the tokenization process provides liquidity to investors and developers, why the emergence of secondary markets is so important, how his company finds clients and partners with them, and why blockchain is a win-win solution for many if done correctly.

In short, listening to this podcast will give you a great understanding of how Alejandro can help you design, build and launch custom blockchain applications from digital wallets, payment solutions, trading platforms/exchanges, Smart Contracts and ICOs. It’s all about creating beautiful and engaging digital experiences that users love and drive results.

Questions? Comments? Contact Alejandro on LinkedIn here, or visit his website at for more information. Remember: decentralized finance is here to stay! You may as well take advantage of it! In fact, you may already be using blockchain without even knowing it!

ABOUT OUR GUEST: Alejandro Laplana

Alejandro Laplana is Founder and CEO of technology and investments company, Shokworks Inc., where he has developed over 150 digital platforms and apps for some of the world’s most exciting brands, entertainers, sports teams, clubs, players, growth start-ups, enterprises and broadcasters; including but not limited to: The Colombian National Soccer Association, DIMAYOR Colombian National League, Millonarios FC, FC Barcelona, La Liga, Real Madrid, PSG, Kinesis Money, Start-Up Chile, Dupont Chemicals, The Las Vegas Raiders, The Tampa Bay Buccaneers, The Pittsburg Steelers, Fox Sports, HBO, The United Nations and the Governments of the UK, Mexico and Panama.

Shokworks holds a staff of over 250 full time employees that design, develop and operate highly scalable software solutions (mobile, web-based and AR/VR based) for large brands, operators and well-capitalized start-ups.

Shokworks co-invests with entrepreneurs, brands and enterprises that transform inelastic ideas, enterprise divisions, products, brands and businesses into digital growth products and companies. Laplana has directly generated via revenue, cost-savings and direct investment over $100 Million for Shokworks and its portfolio companies. Prior to his role as CEO at Shokworks Inc., Laplana founded and served as managing principal of Nesting Partners LLC, a patent incubator and software company builder. Having created the company’s investment thesis and business model, Laplana played a pivotal role as a lead investor, partner, and promoter in Nesting Partners’s various portfolio companies. To date, Nesting Partners has transacted in over 40 patent portfolios and founded over 9 companies, producing 2 successful exits for a 7.5x return on investment.

Laplana is committed to generating social and economic impact and consequently advised the Venezuelan Congress on IP strategy and served as a member of the technical steering committee that is tasked with reforming the country’s IP legislation. Laplana co-founded the Caracas chapter of Start-Up Gring and serves on Startup Chile’s Board of Judges for upcoming startups. Laplana has been invited to speak at forums hosted by: Amazon, Start-Up Chile, Start Up Grind, the Venezuelan and Colombian Congress, the IP Deal Makers forum and the United Nations. He has appeared on Bloomberg, Morningstar, Marketwatch, Yahoo Finance, AP, CBS, NBC, Cointelegraph, Newsbreak and Forbes. Laplana holds a Bachelors (BA) from Syracuse University and a Masters (MS) in Management of Technology from New York University (NYU).

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