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If you’re looking for a success story in opportunity zones, then look no further than the Hall Family Office and Hall Labs. In this podcast, Will Walker, the Managing Partner and Head of Business Development at Hall Venture Partners, goes over the many projects and companies Hall is working on with their $25 million Hall Venture Partners Fund. With the balanced, diversified, and risk-mitigated companies they are funding, learn why Hall has become the poster child many accredited investors, family offices, and high net worth individuals point to as an example of impressive Opportunity Zone investments with impressive exit strategies as well! After all, it’s all about jobs, jobs, jobs! (and exits, exits, exits too!)

Listen to “Private Equity Projects and Opportunity Zones” on Spreaker.

Hall Venture Partners provides capital to grow patent-protected technology companies in the Utah region. Located at a state-of-the-art campus in Provo, Utah alongside Hall Labs and its team of innovators, Hall Venture Partners was established to address the growing demand by investors for curated opportunities in early growth technology companies. They boast a seasoned and successful management team that supports patent-protected companies and helps them grow. Being industry agnostic, Hall has expertise in consumer goods, automotive technology, building automation and controls, and high temperature electronics.

Hall is providing proof that money is flowing into opportunity zones. As Mr. Walker mentions on the podcast, family offices, high net worth individuals and funds are all looking for great investment opportunities, and that’s what Hall is producing, including companies such as Sure-Fi, Bacon, Medic.Life, Vanderhall Motorworks, (check out the Vanderhall Brawley!) as well as the many other opportunities he discusses on the show.

These are examples that show that the business side of Opportunity Zones is starting to be realized by investors, and it’s this exact component of the entire program that will lead to the ultimate goal of community revitalization because of the job creation aspect. Hall understands this, and that is why you should get more information on their high growth projects and investment opportunities in business related opportunity zones. (and ESG projects too)

To contact Will, send an email to to get more information or to set up an introductory phone call. In addition, don’t forget to request Mr. Walker’s deck summary and learn how you too can participate in some of his Opportunity Zone deals!


Will WalkerFor almost two decades Will has focused on both sides of venture capital and private equity, assisting both issuers and institutional investors. Will is a hands-on business strategist and consultant who works side-by -side with entrepreneurs, business owners, and investors. As an angel investor himself, he evaluates every opportunity as if investing his own money, and often times is participating as a co-investor. Prior to his career in PE and VC, Will was an actor. He co-starred with George C. Scott, Bruce Dern, Ryan O’Neill, and many of Hollywood’s elite in the the 1970s and early 1980s.

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