What exactly happens when an investor makes a decision to invest in a crowdfunding campaign? It may seem as simple as clicking an “Invest Now” button on an issuor’s or crowdfunding portal website, but there’s a lot going on in the background that most investors aren’t aware of. In this podcast Kinsey Cronin, the Senior Vice President of Business Development at FundAmerica, explains how her fintech software and services apply to all the payment solutions needed in a typical crowdfunding purchase, including KYC/AML, escrow solutions, bad actor checks, online investing tools, broker-dealer compliance, and so much more.

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Do you really care how your car works? All you want to do is get from point A to point B. That analogy applies well to crowdfunding as well. If an investor sees a campaign that they like and want to invest in, they just want to click a button to do it and rarely concern themselves with the process behind the “Invest Now” button. However, many events are set into motion. As Ms. Cronin states on the podcast, your payment processor must be set in place in order to actually receive the payment from the investor. Then, bad actor checks and rigorous analysis to verify the identity of the customer in the form of KYC/AML must be initiated as well. Plus, Crowd-direct offerings require the ability for investors to easily, without friction and in a single sitting, start and complete their investment. Escrow software and solutions need to be in place, and all this must be done in compliance with broker-dealer requirements and SEC regulations.

This is where FundAmerica comes in to take all this into account in a seamless fashion. FundAmerica is part of the Prime Trust brand and provides financial services and solutions to fintech enterprises, including SEC-compliant tools for tech-driven securities offerings. And by tech solutions we mean everything from straight-up crowdfunding campaigns, to blockchain, to tokenization, to all things crypto! They currently have experience in facilitating over $750M from 150,000 investors in 1,000+ offerings. Maybe yours is next?

Listen to this podcast to get all the details. Then if you have further questions or want more information, visit the Fund America website at www.FundAmerica.com. In addition, you can either contact Kinsey by email, or request a demo of her platform here, Get ready to put a white-labled “Invest Now” button on your website for increased conversion for your crowdfunding campaign offering! You can also listen to her “In Crowd” podcast at incrowd.fundamerica.com to better understand the equity crowdfunding world!

ABOUT OUR GUEST: Kinsey Cronin

Kinsey CroninKinsey Cronin serves as the Senior Vice President of Business Development at FundAmerica a digital solutions provider for crowdfunding which is part of Prime Trust, an all-in-one financial infrastructure leader for fintech innovators.

She has more than a decade of experience managing sales and business development teams, with five years working on the cutting edge of FinTech.

Prior to joining Prime Trust, Kinsey served as Director of Business Development at StartEngine, an equity crowdfunding portal. Kinsey holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications from Pepperdine University. She is a FINRA-registered securities broker with Series 7, Series 63 and SIE licenses in California, Nevada, New York, and Florida.

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