The Case for Investors to Consider Arizona for Opportunity Zone Projects and OZ Business Development

The state of Arizona seems to be leading the charge in creating great Opportunity Zones (OZ) deals for investors seeking to defer their capital gains tax exposure. Listen to this podcast where Jimmy Flores, CEO of “We Build LLC,” explains how his full service Opportunity Zone venture development and fund advisory firm is advocating for community and social impact, not just in Arizona, but for the entire QOZ Marketplace by creating end-to-end, streamlined services for funds and investors seeking solid investments within Opportunity Zones – as well as attracting OZ businesses to these areas.

Listen to “The Case for Investors to Consider Arizona for Opportunity Zone Projects and OZ Business Development” on Spreaker.

As espoused at the Opportunity Zones Authority, people need to understand that every Opportunity Zone is competing with other Opportunity Zones for investor and developer interest. A Qualified Opportunity Zone fund manager’s main interest at this point is to partner with local community leaders and entrepreneurs to identify strong projects that qualify under the program, both on the real estate and business level. Because this program is so new, that is not an easy task. However, one of the main reasons Mr. Flores’ company has been so successful is that their mission to build developing areas into the best entrepreneurial community possible aligns with that goal. The projects he is identifying in Arizona are setting the standard within the QOZ marketplace – and people are taking notice!

In fact, Jimmy is now the Director of Communications for the Opportunity Zone Association of America (OZAA), a nonprofit, national platform for industry stakeholders to connect, learn, and advocate, thereby promoting the stability and success of the Opportunity Zone industry. If you have any questions or comments for Jimmy Flores, you can email him here or visit his company website as well.


Jimmy FloresJimmy Flores is the founder and CEO of We Build LLC , an Opportunity Zone Venture Development Firm advocating for Community + Social Impact within the Opportunity Zone (OZ) industry. He is the Chairman of the Membership Committee for Opportunity Zone Association of America , the first and only OZ industry association lobbying as an advocate for the full success of OZ development with community in mind. He is a thought leader and Subject Matter Expert for OZ real estate and business development around the United States. He is a seasoned entrepreneur , who has one of the largest OZ stakeholder networks in the industry. He’s connected to hundreds of Opportunity Funds nationwide, understands OZ deal flow, and is helping drive compliance best practices and standards revolving data collection and reporting around community impact.

He is a natural-born American citizen born in the Philippines, raised in an American military family, has a deep Hispanic heritage from his father, and is a proud Arizonian committed to building the best entrepreneurial community in the world within Greater Phoenix. He has a strong Catholic faith with a passion to help his local community, but constantly collaborates with many individuals of other faiths who may not be from Arizona.

Jimmy’s company We Build LLC is in position to exponentially grow within the OZ industry through their swift and transparent methodologies that utilizes streamlined technology. Please find We Build LLC’s Builders Playbook here , as well as the LISC’s OZ Playbook that inspired his company’s adjustment from managing clients as an advisor to now creating and managing their own Opportunity Funds. We Build’s team makes sure all the critical details are identified and covered day to day, handles daily operations and complex finance solutions, maintain Jimmy’s focus on the mission at hand, are very skilled within their professions, has true network access through their previous experiences, and makes sure Jimmy has a strong work-life balance.

However, Jimmy leads the We Build team through his ridiculously high energy, ability to communicate clearly and through multiple channels, executes deadlines under immense pressure and with control, critically thinks strategically as well as creatively, acts as the decisive decision maker the team needs, and is always leading with a give-first mentality to any stakeholder within the business or abroad.

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