The Opportunity Zone Expo Is Your Chance to Get Educated on All Things Opportunity Zones

Everyone talks about crowdfunding like it’s easy, but the truth of the matter is if it were, more companies would be successful in their crowdfunding efforts. Then consider real estate crowdfunding which again sounds simple, but in reality it’s also very hard for developers to fund their projects. Now enter Opportunity Zones investing and you have an industry that’s begging for clarification and information. In this podcast, listen to Chris Fusco, the Brand Manager and Head of Business Development for the Opportunity Zone Expo, as he talks about where the industry is going and why education is so important to the success of Opportunity Zones and what he is doing to set up expos and conferences to educate people of all facets of the industry.

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As mentioned on the podcast, for the Opportunity Zones marketplace to be successful, three things have to happen: there must be education available to all those involved who which to participate on any and every level; there must be an Authority to provide investor confidence, and there must be cooperation between real estate developers, fund managers, and those at the governmental and community levels so these programs can be seamlessly implemented. The Opportunity Zone Expo has you covered with the first point. The Opportunity Zones Authority addresses the second. The third part may be a problem. (you know how municipalities are!) However, the good news is that President Trump recently singed an executive order to funnel more federal resources into the Opportunity Zones program, to which the industry’s response has been overwhelmingly positive.

Now it’s up to you to attend Chris’ latest Opportunity Zone Expo to be held on May 9th and 10th, 2019,  at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. This will no doubt be a great education experience as the the event will feature a variety of heavy-hitter keynote speakers with over 100 distinguished expert panelists who will share insights about everything you need to know regarding Opportunity Zones.

The really good news is as a listener to the Mapable USA podcast, you can receive a discount for $100 by registering for the Expo by clicking here.

Do it! … Today! There are enormous possibilities with Opportunity Zones, but only if you get educated with the correct information and network with the right people. Questions? Comments? Contact Mr. Fusco by email, by phone at 1-800-760-9663, or visit the Opportunity Zone Expo website here.


Christopher Fusco is the Brand Manager and Head of Business Development for Opportunity Zone Expo, the country’s leading education, networking and marketing platform for key players in the industry.

The Opportunity Zone Expo mentors industry leaders, including fund managers, attorneys, real estate developers, tax specialists, investment bankers, institutional investors and government officials, about the Opportunity Zone program. Through its extensive network of professionals and industry experts, the Opportunity Zone Expo will help expand business networks and keep professionals updated about regulations, trends, fund creation and new projects.

Leaning on the company’s longstanding history of organizing domestic and global conferences about investment, immigration and legislation, the Opportunity Zone Expo features a nationwide conference series, trade publication and educational web site with verified professionals. The company is the force behind the Top 25 OZ Influencers list, published in the Opportunity Zone Magazine.

Chris’ background includes nearly a decade of real estate experience working with developers, private equity firms and individual real estate investors assisting in sales, 1031 exchanges and business development.

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