Why Due Diligence is So Important with Opportunity Zones Investing

Even though Opportunity Zones provide great tax benefits for investors seeking deferral of their capital gains taxes, it’s important to realize that solid projects to invest in are hard to find. That’s why due diligence on all fronts is so important when it comes to Opportunity Zones investing. In this podcast, Edmon Rakipi from OppZones Consulting talks about what to look for and how to start your own research, keeping in mind the central question: Why are you awesome today, and why are you going to be awesome in 10 years?

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Not all opportunity zones are created equal and they certainly are not a walk in the park. Serious legwork is required from all involved. There are so many considerations to take into account in the due diligence process that it makes sense to align yourself with the industry professionals that work in the trenches and see it all first-hand. As mentioned on the podcast, OppZone Consulting relies on their vast experience, a solid understanding of market fundamentals, and a deep knowledge of the Opportunity Zone program to direct client’s investment strategy. In addition, they also provide informational seminars to educate individuals, investors, developers, business owners and trusted advisors in all matters relating to Opportunity Zones.

But not only is Mr. Rapiki’s company a business Opportunity Zone consulting company, but they are also multi-faceted as they are currently in the process of launching their own opportunity zone funds, one targeted to self storage ($25 million) and the other will concentrate on Central Florida ($110 million). Their team is ready to provide hands on consulting to make sure your investment and values-based needs are met. But the big takeaway from listening to this podcast is this: make sure your Opportunity Zone project pencils out in its own right – the tax benefits are the icing on the cake! You can contact Edmon by email here or visit his website at www.OppZoneConsulting.com with any questions or comments you may have.


Edmon RakipiEdmon Rakipi is Co-Principal of OppZone Consutling, an Opportunity Zone consulting group and fund Manager. With a career that started in the hospitality space at a young age, Edmon gained vast experience in the private sector. He then went on to manage stores for a national grocery chain in the southeast before moving into the financial services space. He spent the last eight years in wealth management in a variety of roles before re-positioning his talents in the Opportunity Zone program.

Edmon is an Accredited Investment Fiduciary and was a member of his last firms Investment Committee.

His deep understanding of the Opportunity Zone legislation and nuanced proposed regulations make him an invaluable asset to anyone looking to enter the space. Years of multi-generational wealth planning, financial analysis, and overall market trend recognition has empowered him to analyze clients financial positions and capitalize on opportunities to preserve and grow wealth, while achieving all of their values-based goals.

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    How can I invest into your fund? I have my OZ company with a few single family houses and multi family houses