Why It’s Important to Attend an Opportunity Zone Expo Near You

Almost two years into the program, the topic of Opportunity Zones continues to generate questions from just about everyone involved in the Opportunity Zones Marketplace. That’s why attending educational and informational events is of prime importance if you want to keep up with what’s happening in the industry – and there’s probably no better networking event out there than the Opportunity Zone Expo. In this podcast, company Director of Business Development Marcial Fernandez talks about how he and his team are able to produce such outstanding shows that capture the interest of all the key players in the industry, including an impressive list of keynote speakers, panelists, fund managers, attorneys, real estate developers, tax specialists, investment banks, institutional investors and government officials.

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The Opportunity Zone Expo mentors industry leaders about beneficial tax incentives through the government’s new community development program established by Congress in the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017. But let’s face it – you have to meet the players face to face. It’s all about networking, and after listing to this podcast, you’ll realize the importance of attending conferences such as the Opportunity Zone Expo. Opportunity Zones exist all in states. That’s why Mr. Fernandez’s company is hosting these Expos in a number of cities across the country. The shows in Las Vegas, Chicago, and New York have all been great successes, with Opportunity Zone Expos next on the agenda in Miami, Houston, and Los Angeles. By actually meeting an extensive network of professionals and authoritative industry experts, attending these conferences will help you expand your business network and keep you updated about Opportunity Zone regulations, trends, fund creation and new projects.

If you’re involved in the Qualified Opportunity Zones marketplace in any manner, you’d be wise to attend these events (plus you may want to read their new book “How to OZ”). The education and the connections you make at these events are invaluable and will put you on the track to becoming a real expert in the industry. And who knows, maybe someone at the event writes out a big check for your investment deal! It’s been known to happen…

Perhaps you’re interested in becoming an event sponsor, advertiser, or panel speaker? Contact Marcial with any questions or comments you may have by email here or you can visit the Opportunity Zone Expo website at www.OZExpo.com. Either way, attend an event:

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